Musical Chair, Piyush Canceled GE Diesel Loco Deal  

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September29, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh

Soon after the reshuffle of Ministries – World’s Most Weird Ideas are, like Maggi 2 Minute Instant Noodles, thrust upon India without any question asked or undergoing ‘Established Planning Processes.’ Foot Over Bridge stampede exposed Railways Gross Failure in serving Consumers – 10 Mumbai Commuters die daily – will get Bullet Train. 

Our experts Are 100X More Dangerous to Indian Economy. 

India not emerged out of NDA-I Irrational – River Linking; No Multipurpose Dam; Jatropha; Oil & Gas Exploration; Opening Tax Heaven Routes for FDI; Repeal of FERA & Land Ceiling; Banks funding 100% of Project cost than 40% to 66% for Large & SMEs Companies; Company Taking Loan at Low Cost then diverting to new company or project. 

Piyush, Prabhu & Gadkari are least qualified to even think of Development Progress are   – come up with Weird Ideas and without any details, study, would go ahead with their execution, are being rotated than shunted out of government. IR traffic growth is negative, Critical Projects are Stalled – nonviable projects are Pushed largely in 2-3 states that may cost over Rs.15,00,000 Cr, Load factor of power sector has declined to around 50%, worst of all – Rs.15,00,000 Cr are required for 45,000 km NHAI projects – this doesn’t account for State Road Projects & their maintenance. 

Then ‘Suddenly On 21st’ Gadkari would announce 100% Electric Mobility [Automobiles] by 2030 –India Produced 25m Automobiles FY17, 400m Automobiles are to be Junked.  

Next Piyush on 27th announced 100% electrification of Railway Network. Cancelled the Diesel Loco deal. As per his own estimate – Railways to save Rs.1,00,000 Cr in 10 years – half of it is Taxes – Saving of Rs.5,000 Cr a year is likely saving but would need Rs.5,00,000 Cr Investment on Electrification – Power Generation, Transmission & 6000 New Electric Locos, 1% in saving Energy Cost – Electrification O&M Cost 5 times more. 

Diesel Locos Emit 70% Less CO2 Than Electric Locos.   

Centre seeks 100% electric vehicles by 2030 – September21, 2017

Government will go ahead with its plan to have 100% electric mobility by 2030, road transport and highways minister Nitin Gadkari said on Wednesday. He said Niti Aayog will send the policy for Cabinet approval soon. Gadkari had a long meeting with Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant on Wednesday on the electric vehicle policy. Sources said the highway minister has supported the policy, which Niti Aayog has prepared. Two ministries transport and heavy industries and Niti Aayog have a major role to play in preparing the policy. 

Though government officials were tight lipped about the details of the policy, they said there will be enabling provision to accelerate manufacturing of electric vehicles. These would include government incentive as well. They added the government has already pushed the need for mass scale production of lithium-ion batteries, which is crucial for the roll out of the mission.  P-11

Apr-Jul Trade Deficit Doubled from $27b to $51.5b – Economy in Deep Dive.

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