Realising Poorna  Swaraj Through Entrepreneurship

Ananta – IEF  Entrepreneurship Series

Realising Poorna
Swaraj Through Entrepreneurship


DATE Thursday, October 5, 2017
TIME 6:30 PM  – 8:00 PM (Registration and High Tea: 6:00 PM )
LOCATION Seminar Hall 2, Kamaladevi Complex, India International Centre, New Delhi
SPEAKERS Mr. Rewaj Chhetri, Founder, Startup Harbour (online entrepreneur hub)
    Mr. Nitin Pradhan, National Bureau Chief, Dainik Jagaran (TBC)
    Ms. Hanna Ruddies, Global Growth and Onboarding Coordinator, Impact Hub
 MODERATOR Ms. Bhairavi Jani, Chairperson, IEF Foundation & Executive Director, SCA Group and Board Member, Ananta Centre

This year, as we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti, the context of “Startup India” and “Make In India” emerge aptly to the foreground. How are we, as fellow citizens of this country, enabling complete economic freedom through self-reliance for those in India’s Tier II towns and rural areas? After all, 60% of India’s population resides in them.

Helping rural industries grow and develop, therefore, directly facilitates self-employment, resulting in more economic and industrial activity within rural areas. It also helps utilise locally available resources and labour more effectively. But due to limitations pertaining to land and seasonality, many agricultural outliers migrate to the closest towns and cities for a regular source of livelihood. India’s towns are, in turn, becoming stepping stones for budding entrepreneurs. In fact, they are abuzz with entrepreneurial activity.

State Governments across India have actively carried forward the mantle of the Start-up India initiative introduced by the Central Government in 2016. And while State policies have been comprehensive and are addressing a large percentage of youth, the question still remains about how they are reaching small towns and rural populations.

The fourth session of the Ananta-IEF Entrepreneurship series discusses how everyone – whether at the level of policy creation, among corporations, as torch-bearers of community creation, individual entrepreneurs, and media – can reignite this spark of self-reliance in India’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, and help achieve Bapu’s dream of Poorna Swaraj.

Panelists comprise active stakeholders of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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