Catalan referendum in vandalism

Madrid has pledged to stop a vote that was declared illegal by the courts.

Tweets interesting are, Thousands march in Bilbao (Basque Country) to support Catalonia‘s independence referendum. Democracy” in 21st century western society.Pacific defenders of the referendum being kicked by Spanish police with fury. 

We are just trying to vote!! SHAME!!

Spain’s National Police brutalize voters in Catalonia polling center (a school) today in an attempt to suppress vote.


Voting has begun in Catalonia in an independence referendum that has been banned by the Spanish government and the constitutional court. Catalan government officials said, ballot boxes were ready and predicted a big turnout. Catalan government has posted a map on its Twitter account showing which polling stations are open and which are closed by Spanish police.

Spanish police stopped millions of people voting in a referendum on independence in the region of Catalonia. Police used rubber bullets fired in Barcelona, the region’s capital, and police seized ballot boxes, smashed their way in to polling stations.

Catalan emergency services said 38 people were hurt, mostly with minor injuries, as a result of police action.

Spanish interior ministry said, police officers have begun seizing ballot papers and boxes as the polls opened. In the early hours of today morning, dozens of national police vehicles left their base in the port of the regional capital, Barcelona, as officers deployed to enforce the ruling. Latest reports speak of riot police pushing potential voters away from a polling station in the city as voting began in other locations.

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