Las Vegas Mandalay bay Hotel Concert shooting

Las Vegas concert shooting

Deadliest mass shooting by 64 year old Stephen Paddock Shooted from 32nd floor of Mandalay bay hotel killing 50 people and more than 200 wounded by automatic gun shooting on concert rapping up, the well attended by nearly thirty thousand people.

With barrage of gun shots for nearly 20-30 minutes, music loving congregation with sudden gun shot went helter skelter run for safe.

Shooter is local of Metropolitan city of  Las Vegas was accompanied with lady Merilou Sankey, the room mate and is being questioned by Metropolitan Police.

Suspect shooter was killed at lightening speed by the Swift acts of Metropolitan police Las  Vegas to quell the violence continuously killing randomly by vandal shooter so created by his savage act.

Suspect Stephen Paddock room and house to searched for further investigation with search warrant.


US President  Donald J Triumph with identity crystallise tweeted to communicate his condolence to victims and families lost their loved ones.

Police Las Vegas in their brief asked not to panic further as violence act is at rest. Hunt for Suspect companion and two vehicles are found. Matter is under ongoing investigation.

Families looking to locate missing one requested to call.

1 866-535-5654

CNN TV & Media agencies Twitters Reports

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