CEA Non-Cooperation With MoP RK Singh – Gen. 2014 Level  

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October05, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh progressindia2015@gmail.com

This is something Extra Ordinary. For last few days CEA website is dead which provides latest ‘Power Stats.’ We can’t imagine Power Generation shall come down to 2014 level.


Installed Capacity Addition 11,716 MW – Peak Generation 20 MW


Hoarded Power is Traded at Rs.4.94/Unit – almost Double rate.  


It was quite puzzling when on October04 Northern RegionalPEAK GENERATION was only 47,662 MW – almost same as peak in 2014 Summer i.e. 47,642 MW. Installed capacity in March2014 was 63,434 MW – 75,150 MW in March2017.


Even more puzzling when there is No Power shortage at 19:00 PM in Congress Ruled Punjab, Himachal and AAP ruled Delhi – there are Power Shortage in BJP Ruled states of 488 MW in Haryana, 1759 MW in Rajasthan, 1010 MW in UP, 150 MW in Uttarkhand, and 451 MW in J&K.  


As Power Expert for 40 years – CEA & State Electricity Boards of BJP states are not cooperating with new Minister RK Singh.


There is 6% more water in Dams than last year – States can’t meet EVEN PEAK demand is horrendous.


CWC – The northern region includes States of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan. There are 6 reservoirs under CWC monitoring having total live storage capacity of 18.01 BCM. As per Reservoir Storage Bulletin dated 28.09.2017, the total live storage available in these reservoirs is15.02 BCM which is 83% of total live storage capacity of these reservoirs. The storage during corresponding period of last year was 77% and average storage of last ten years during corresponding period was 82% of live storage capacity of these reservoirs. Thus, storage during current year is better than the corresponding period of last year and is also better than the average storage of last ten years during the corresponding period.

Dams in UP and Uttarkhand gas above average storage except Rihand which has catchment in MP but this is only 300 MW generator or 2% of Northern Region.  

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