Jim Mattis:India is a force for stability in South Asia

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis today said India is a force for stability in South Asia and India-US political ties can be tightened together. During a Congressional hearing on Afghanistan, Mattis told members of House Armed Services that India is a nation coming into their own, economically, as a great nation, as they have steady growth rates going on right now. Responding to another question, Mattis said India has an “outsized role” to play in the region because of its size.

He said India gives people hope that their voices can be heard and economic opportunity can be passed broadly in a society. Mattis said India and the US now have a strategic convergence of two natural partners, the two largest democracies in the world. He said there are a number of things in motion right now, and decisions will be coming very soon. He said both the countries are working to turn big words into pragmatic realities.

The Defence Secretary, also praised India’s contributions to the war-torn Afghanistan and said New Delhi has adopted a holistic approach in its assistance towards Afghanistan. He said India’s decision not to send its troops to Afghanistan was in view of Pakistan’s considerations as this would bring in new complexities in the region.

Mattis said, New Delhi has been generous over many years with Afghanistan. He said India has been providing and will continue to provide training for Afghan Army doctors and medics in the field.US says,

Defence Secretary James Mattis said , in context of Pakistan.

Pakistan has a last chance to give up  using terrorism

Pakistan has a last chance to give up using terrorism to further its goals before Washington initiates action against it. Responding to questions by members of the House Armed Services Committee, during a Congressional testimony on South Asia and Afghanistan, yesterday, Defence Secretary James Mattis said President Donald Trump is prepared to take whatever steps necessary against Pakistan, if it does not change its behavior and continued to support terror groups.

Mattis also warned Pakistan of global diplomatic isolation and losing its Non-NATO ally status if it failed to take action against safe havens to terrorists on its soil. He said US has enormously powerful number of options if Pakistan does not follow through and be a better promoter of stability in the

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, after meeting Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Wednesday, said Pakistan is critical for the long-term stability of South Asia.

“Not just Afghanistan, but it is the importance of Pakistan and Pakistan’s long-term stability as well,” he remarked while speaking about US’s policy towards South Asia.

“We want Pakistan’s government to be stable, peaceful.. many of the same issues they are struggling inside Pakistan are our issues. So we think there is an opportunity to strengthen that relationship.”

Pakistan’s relation with the US is “extraordinarily important”, he said.


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