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Nksagar Sagar
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October is national Farm-to-School Month in the United States. It’s a time to celebrate the connections between schools, farmers, and locally and regionally produced foods.

While millions of students, farmers, and communities across North America celebrate the farm-to-school movement this month, governments, nonprofits, and passionate individuals all over the world are strengthening school meal programs through local food purchasing. Across the globe, farm-to-school programs are fostering connections between students, teachers, parents, farmers, and policymakers in activities that support health, nutrition, agriculture, and local economies. 

Food Tank is celebrating farm-to-school month by featuring 18 inspiring and innovative farm-to-school programs from around the world: Agri Aware, Australian Organic Schools, Brazil’s National School Feeding Programme, Ecotrust, Farm to Cafeteria Canada, Farming and Countryside Education, Food for Life, Fresh Roots, Garden to Table, Ghana School Feeding Programme, Model Vihti, National Farm to School Network, Purchase from Africans for Africa Program, Rome’s School Meals Program, Seven Generations Ahead,Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, Sustainable Schools Program, andVermont Feed.

Click here to learn more about these organizations.

NYC Summit
Join our dance for Puerto Rico happy-hour dance fundraiser to help hurricane survivors led by Broadway stars for #GiveHealthy and Feeding America called “Garjana.” One hundred percent of ticket revenue will support hurricane survivors.  
Food Tank
The skin-care company is now investing a surprising amount of time and capital in projects that affect how people eat—from GMO labeling to promoting regenerative agriculture—putting themselves at the forefront of efforts to build a more sustainable food system.
Food Tank
Celebrity chef Jose Andrés and the World Central Kitchen are working alongside local Puerto Rican chefs to feed more than 5,000 Puerto Ricans per day in the wake of Hurricane Maria.
Food Tank
Susan Levin: It’s time to alleviate health inequalities by aligning our nation’s largest food assistance program with disease-fighting foods.
Food Tank
The Food and Health Lab discusses their research which challenges institutions, consumers, and food producers to mindfully reduce food waste to improve nutrition for plants and people.
Ethiopian Coffee Endangered

2017 Equator Prize Winner Empowering Women for Widespread Sustainable Change 
The United Nations 2017 Equator Prize has been awarded to 15 local and indigenous communities across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, including Swayam Shikshan Prayog from India for its unique women-led sustainable farming model.

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