Unviable $500b Rail-Road Projects – 60 Air India in Making

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October08, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh progressindia2015@gmail.com

Ø Firozepur Level Crossing Accident Yesterday like may thousands was preventable – all

it requires is Install ‘Automatic Alarm System at No Cost – US has it for 100 years’ at all level crossings but India Railways wanted to build Flyovers at all such Crossings to cost say Rs.50 Cr each avg, which disrupts Operations of Animal Driven Transport or Low Horse Power Farm Tractors – a 35 HP Tractor Pulling 20 Tones of Sugarcane Trolley.


Ø Dedicated Freight Corridors Could Have Been Built by Now – but for CORRUPT

Railway insisting on Electrification of Tracks when Diesels are Much More Effective & Competitive Worldwide – Projects Generating Own Power – This would have reduced cost by say Rs.25,000 Cr. THIS WOULD HAVE SUBSTANTIALLY IMPROVED RAILWAYS THROUGHPUT – Increase in Speed by 20%, Throughput by 30% and avoided Stagnant or Declining Productivity in Fourth Year due Tariff & Fare increases.  



CORRIDOR IS SINGLE TRACK – Serving Punjab, Haryana, J&K, Himachal, Uttarkhand, Delhi, West UP & North Rajasthan. So These States will get LAMEDUCK Dedicated Freight Corridor.


Ø Real Energy Cost of Operating Diesel Locos is 50% of Rs.20,000 Cr – TAXES account

for over 10,000 Cr – just Rs.2,000 Cr to Rs.3000 Cr [0.3b to 0.5b] more than Electric Locos – but investing $100b on Electrification was most CORRUPT including generation & transmission. Worldover Diesel LOCOS are popular because these EMIT 50% LESS GHG than Electric Locos using Coal Fired Power.


Ø With this money India could have Deployed 100,000 MW of Tracking Farm Solar or

Rooftop Solar – saved 150BU-200 BU of Electricity Every Year for 25 Years.


Ø Indian Railways is the World’s Most Corrupt & Incompetent Organization, converted

Meter Gauge Tracks to Broad Gauge when Meter Gauge routes could have Double Meter Gauge tracks at no cost operated trains at high speed at half cost.


People in India may be thrilled to see on TV – a Rs.962 Cr Okha-Beyt Dwarka Bridge is announced but it is not the original Dwarka already connected, it is small island already connected by Motor Boats – could have been better connected introducing HOVERCRAFTS.



Dwarka already served by Many Long Distance Trains – but beyond Dwarka to Okha there are many long distance trains but only Mumbai Central- Okha Saurashtra Express operates daily – others mostly once a week.



Between Ahmedabad and Dwarka apart from 22945 Saurashtra Express daily train, –

– rest 15045 Gorakhpur, 22970 Varanasi, 15636 Guwahati, 19567 Tuticorin, 19576 Nathdwara, 18401 Puri, 16733 Rameswaram Expresses are all ONCE A WEEK TRAINS, only 12906 Howrah train operates Three Services a week.


THERE IS NO PREMIUM TRAIN FOR DWARKA though 02834 Rajkot Once a Week and 22903 Bhuj Thrice a Week Trainsare connected by ACSF Trains.


There is absolutely no reason to take up Okha-Beyt BridgeProject.


This map of railways points to 90% of projects undertaken are Least Viable – will not be competitive as Soon Solar Power & Electric Vehicles shall make Road Travel extremely cheap. Solar Power to cost Rs.1 Per unit.

Prabhu & Gadkari are WASTING $500b or more of Public Money.


After World Bank released $2.7b for Dedicated Freight Corridor but it is most shocking – there is not even 10% progress on Ludhiana- Khurja section which connects Punjab, Haryana, J&K and Himachal to East & West Coasts. At 4:55m on this latest video there is work hasn’t Started Yet on Bridge over SYL – like many other drains.

This is Evidence That Prabhu NEGLECTED CRITICAL PROJECTS LIKE DFC is only after DIGGING WORK which involves MAXIMUM Corruption.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770 [4G]9871056471, 9718280435,

Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,

Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects

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