Vietnam hit by torrential rains

Heavy rains have caused floods and landslides in Vietnam.

Torrential rain in many areas of Vietnam, taken toll of 70 people dead or missing.

A tropical depression has brought torrential rain to central and northern Vietnam since Monday. The rainfall has reportedly topped 600 millimeters in some places.

Disaster management authorities say the deluge has left 37 people dead and 40 missing in Hoa Binh province in the north and elsewhere. They say many homes were inundated, forcing 15,000 families to evacuate.

Footage from hard-hit areas shows police officers using ropes to rescue people. Residents are seen evacuating in boats.

The government has deployed about 10,000 troops and other personnel for search-and-rescue operations and support of evacuees.

Local authorities in Ninh Binh province in the north are preparing to evacuate 200,000 residents as rivers have swollen.

The government is on alert for more rain as another tropical depression is approaching the northern and central regions over the coming weekend.

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