Indian Rail still in doldrums

Rail network across India is an ultimately the proud edifice not for Indian only but for Britain which created it with its culture.

Rail footover bride, unmanned rail crossing,, over crowded rails  and platform. Rail manual signals, rail tracks or  lines and rail yards are very old need  modernisation and strengthening for faster speed trains. Take any three string aspects Rail track, Signals or electronic lasts it’s movable locomotives the frontrunner the government need colossal funds  is needed ,when the rail infra  and  management  is in dire doldrums and  shambles with regular theft with no professional culture and the funds for safety and maintenance are unplanned for this 150 Years old rail edifice.Safety  fund arranged are 1.5 Lakh Cr work is in progress as reported  by Minister Piyush Goel further he said results shall be soon visible.

Delhi Circular train when we travel in this holistic best infrastructue  the features are in dire shambles which speaks volume of its tales of mismanagement and pathetic state of affairs play blane game when question it’s professional run in sinking state.

Rail theft in UP  Bihar Rail junction are biggest Nexus rail men whisper when media try to find in depth reasons of our national pride Rail.

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