Dear N. K. Sagar, We have the pleasure to invite you

Dear N. K. Sagar` , 

We have the pleasure to invite you to be our distinguished speaker and delegate at our regional Women Economic Forum British Columbia Canada, presented by Vancouver International South Asian Film Society (VISAFF) commencing at the beautiful vicinity of Surrey City Hall, located at 13450 104 Avenue Surrey, BC V3T 1 V8 British Columbia, Canada , from 16th November to 19th November 2017 in British Columbia in Surrey BC, Canada as they celebrate 150th Birthday of Canada. 


The Women Economic Forum is a global conference of the ALL Ladies League to foster empowering conversations and connections among women of extraordinary commitment to foster constructive change in ALL walks of life. We are expecting over 400 women from ALL walks of life and across many countries to join in. The theme of WEF British Columbia Canada 2017 is “Women Leading New Global Thinking & Change” Please select and register and send speaker request for the session in which you would prefer to speak during the convention at: 

Detailed program at

Please note that in addition to your own personal travel and stay costs, there’s a very small conference fee as given at – This is valid until 17th of October to pre book all rooms. 

This helps the local chapter cover costs, as we are a non-profit where women and men of inspiration are coming together with a sense of oneness to co-create an enabling platform for ALL of us; unleashing the power of each one through oneness. 

We do believe the way forward for greater empowerment is for ALL of us to come together and co-create the change we wish to see. And we greatly value the opportunity of working with you and channelling your inspiration toward the thousands of women who are part of ALL and WEF. Our Dy. Director General Nikita Agarwal mobile: +919953239844 & Bushra +1 604 786 1996 Plus & would be happy to personally speak to you anytime to share more in spirit and soul. 

Looking forward in excited anticipation to hear from you 

Warm regards and in sisterhood, 

           Dr. Harbeen Arora,                                                                     Ms. Mannu Sandhu,

           Global Chairperson,                                                         Director of Vancouver International

ALL Ladies League & Women Economic Forum          South Asian Film Festival Nov 16-19th 2017            

                                                                                                                    &  ALL Vancouver Chair.

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