Rajasthan Boys and Tamil Nadu Girls crowned as the Champions.

44th Sub Junior National Championship –  Rajasthan Boys and Tamil Nadu Girls crowned as the Champions.



Bengaluru, 16th October 2017: Rajasthan Boys and Tamil Nadu Girls have been crowned champions of the 44th Sub Junior National Championship for boys and girls that just concluded in Bangour College Stadium, Didwana, Rajasthan.

The Championship was organized by the Rajasthan Basketball Association under the aegis of the Basketball Federation of India.



Rajasthan bt Madhya Pradesh 87-59

Rajasthan boys continued their undefeated run in the tournament even in the finals against the other undefeated team in the tournament and the defending champions, Madhya Pradesh. Rajasthan played like champions from the first game of the tournament defeating all their opponents with big margins. One of the key factors in Rajasthan’s victory was their defence which helped them gain a good lead in the finals as well. Forward Lokendra Singh dropped 21 points for Rajasthan providing the team a powerful start whereas guard Prashant Chauhan led all scorers with 28 points. Madhya Pradesh’s Bhagat Singh was leading their team to a comeback in the third quarter but got fouled out eventually in the beginning of the last quarter.


Tamil Nadu bt Chhattisgarh 88-81

Tamil Nadu girls defeated the defending champs Chhattisgarh in one of the most thrilling games of the championship. Chhattisgarh replied to every basket scored by TN  with a basket of their own, the lead kept on shifting from one team to the other until the games’ top scorer Sathya(43 points) took the game away from Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh girls went on to the second half of the game with an eight point lead but couldn’t capitalise on it. Kirti scored 24 points for Chhattisgarh who has been a consistent scorer for them throughout the tournament.

DAY 7, 14th October 2017 



1. Rajasthan(Prashant 28pts, Lokendra 21pts) bt Madhya Pradesh(Rishikesh 16pts, Bhagat 14pts) 87-59[28-17, 7-10, 31-18, 21-14]


1. Tamil Nadu(Sathya 43pts, Netika 11pts) bt Chhattisgarh(Kirti 24pts, Ruksar 18pts) 88-81[18-18, 11-19, 39-22, 20-22]


3rd and 4th Place Match


1. Chhattisgarh(Rishabh 27pts, Deepak 19pts) bt Uttar Pradesh(Kapil 20pts) 57-51[15-13,10-15,12-8,14-21]


1. Maharashtra(Danica 13pts, Bhakti 11pts) bt Rajasthan(Jiya 14pts) 43-35[7-9,17-5,6-14,13-7]

5th and 6th Place Match


1. Punjab(Mandeep 29pts, Vikas 18pts) bt Andhra Pradesh(Saicharan 30pts) 85-73[19-26, 26-9, 23-18, 17-20]


1. Karnataka(Sunishka 16pts, Vedaa 10pts) bt  Uttar Pradesh(Palak 12pts) 46-29[10-10, 5-4, 16-11, 15-4]



 DAY 6, 13th October 2017 



Semi Finals


1. Rajasthan(Lokendra 25pts, Ayush 19pts) bt  Chhattisgarh(Deepak 16pts, Rishabh 10pts) 81-42[21-10,9-9,23-14,28-9]

2. Madhya Pradesh(Vishwajeet 12pts, Sahil 11pts) bt Uttar Pradesh(Kapil 10pts, Shreyansh 10pts) 54-30[11-10,13-4,14-12,16-4]


1. Chhattisgarh(Kirti 22pts, Ruksar 18pts) bt Rajasthan(Jiya 18pts, Diksha 16pts) 71-61[13-14,20-12,13-19,24-16]

2. Tamil Nadu(Sathya 20pts, Netika 15pts) bt  Maharashtra(Danica 13pts, Bhakti 10pts) 74-43[22-6,16-11,19-12,17-14]


7th and 8th Place Matches


1. Haryana(Ronka 20pts, Vikas 19pts) bt Telangana(Sourav 18pts) 74-40[15-14,10-7,25-4,24-15]


1. Punjab(Vrinda 17pts, Kavya 12pts) bt Haryana(Ashu 10pts) 37-28[5-11,4-7,13-2,15-8]


9th and 10th Place Matches


1. Tamil Nadu(Shibi 18pts) bt Karnataka(Vedanth 9pts) 56-19[10-6,11-2,19-6,16-5]


1. Madhya Pradesh(Manvi 14pts, Divya 9pts) bt Gujarat(Naomi 10pts) 44-36[14-4,8-7,8-11,14-14]


About Basketball Federation of India

The Basketball Federation of India or BFI is the governing and controlling body of basketball in India, and is responsible for the development and promotion of the sport at all levels. BFI has been involved in conducting camps, clinics, events, and training sessions at its academies for the development of basketball. BFI came into being in 1935 and took complete control over Indian basketball in 1950. Prior to that time, the Indian Olympic Association handled the conduct of Indian basketball championships. Since 1950, the BFI has been conducting various such championships, from the grassroots to senior team participation in international tournaments. In addition, the BFI has been responsible for the establishment of strong sub-junior and junior level programs. The BFI has to its credit produced several international players of repute, among them 17 have been bestowed with the honour of Arjuna Awards. Earlier in June 2015, Satnam Singh Bhamara made history by becoming the first Indian national to be drafted by an NBA team, when he was selected by the Dallas Mavericks. More information at

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