For  first time in the Country beside holding Traditional Diwali Puja at physical stores, the traders in different states also performed Puja of GST Portal, Computer, Mobile. With implementation of GST in the Country, the GST Portal has now become Cash Book, Ledger and Books of Accounts of the trading community instead of traditional “Bahi Khaata”.

Diwali Puja, considered to be most auspicious for the traders are particularly performed at business places and since GST Portals has also become business place, therefore, we performed Diwali Puja of GST Portal also along with conducting pooja at our physical stores-said Mr. Praveen Khandelwal, Secretary General of the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) which has mooted this unique initiative.  The traders while worshipping GST Portal as well and pray for its smooth functioning to liberate the traders from GST hardships & technology bottleneck.

At CAIT headquarters at New Delhi, vedic scholars amid chanting of Mantras performed Diwali Pooja by switching GST portal and worshiping with Traders applying  Tilak to portal and offer floral garlands. In place of Account Books, the Computers and other means of business communications including Laptop, Mobile, Telephone, Whatsap on Cellphone were also worshiped.

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