EU Foreign Ministers ahead of their meeting on the Rohingya crisis on Monday.

EU Foreign Ministers ahead of their meeting on the Rohingya crisis on Monday.



Dear friend

EU fails to act

Thank you to everyone who emailed EU Foreign Ministers ahead of their meeting on the Rohingya crisis on Monday.

Unfortunately, we can only describe the outcome as absolutely pathetic. In the face of the worst human rights and humanitarian crisis in Burma in decades, described by the UN as a ‘textbook example of ethnic cleansing’ and increasingly looking like genocide, the only practical measure agreed by EU Foreign Ministers was to suspend invitations to senior military officers to visit the EU. The EU has effectively given a green light for abuses to continue.

Debate in ParliamentOn Tuesday, MPs debated the Rohingya crisis in the British parliament in a 3 hour debate. It’s the first time that there has been a debate like this on Burma in the main chamber of Parliament. Burma Campaign UK briefed MPs before the debate and many of the MPs raised our points and called for more pressure on the military, including a UN arms embargo and targeted sanctions on the military.

You can watch the debate here (starts at 15.09):

Or read the transcript here:

The British government, for the first time, agreed that ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya “appears to be an increasingly accurate description of what has happened”.

However, they have still not taken any further action to bring pressure on the Burmese military.

We won the campaign to stop Britain training the Burmese military. They now admit it is ethnic cleansing. It’s progress, but too little and too slow.  If we keep up the pressure, we can get the government to do more.

Take action

If you have not yet taken this action, please email Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to urge the UK government to support a global arms embargo against Burma:

Take action for a global arms embargo here.

Thank you if you have already taken this action. Can you share with friends to help build the campaign?

Many thanks for your support

Anna Roberts
Burma Campaign UK

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