BR Saggar: Plea for rewriting Indian History:

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These are the views of Researcher Balraj Sagar:

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Balraj Saggar :Rewriting history

From: Balraj Saggar <> on Sat, 21 Oct 2017

Balraj Sagar ( – Plea for rewriting Indian History:

It is very urgent to weed out absurdities and present real facts in our history books. Indian history to-day is as written and desired by English Colonists with an aim to demoralize the nation and destroy our culture and belief in our supreme ancient legacy. Indian, rather Hindu sources have hardly been touched. For example, NCERT History text for XI at page 6 allots period for “Cities of Harappan civilization, use of script” 2700 BCE and ‘Composition of Rig Veda’ 1500-1400 BCE, whereas it is established that Mahabharata War took place in 3138 B.C. Then Yudhishtra ruled for 36 years and abdicated after learning of the death of Lord Krishna in 3102 B.C. Kaliyuga starts from that date. Lord Rama had ruled much earlier and no body knows the age of Vedas. It may be calculated with the help of astronomical references if found in Vedic literature. Moreover, Vedas are the climax of literature. Earlier era must be going to thousands and thousands of years back.

Secondly, Puru or Poros was not defeated as narrated. From among the five old historians who wrote his biography, only one mentions the episode about Puru’s so called fabricated defeat. Of course, all five agree that invader’s army was so demoralized that they did not want to continue the fight. The crux is that none of them was contemporary of Alexander.

Qutub Minar was not built by Qutub as he had neither resources nor any man of calibre to think of and plan such a marvelous, unmatched construction. He remained most of the time in Lahore on watch to counter any attack from Ghazni. Only the tiles containing Sanskrit text were replaced by him and later by his successor Iltutmish. I myself saw remains of Sanskrit text on a tile in 1950. Also, it had a big metallic sun-dial on the top of its seventh floor; the sixth and seventh floors had fallen during an earthquake. Seventh was seen lying near the monument in 1950. Moreover, it is written that the stone used for its construction was obtained by dismantling Rai Pithora’s fort. It is totally ridiculous argument which does not stand to reason.

Sultanate period of Indian history is a mess. During the reign of Alauddin Khalji, on the occasion of a Mongol invasion, he had fortified Delhi and had taken shelter within an enclosure while Mongols were supreme all around and had even gone to different areas of U.P. bypassing Delhi. But they did not capture any area although there was no resistance, and after some time left the country of their own accord – simply unbelievable.

Muhammad Tughlak ordered the population of Delhi to migrate to his new capital Daulatabad near the end of his first year on throne. It is stated in history books that he made all arrangements for safe journey, constructed living quarters at Daulatabad and even planted shady trees on the entire long route. Can it be possible? Do the shady trees grow up and start giving shade within a year?

Sanskrit and other regional languages sources need to be tapped to present history of India in its true format. Also, it will help solve a number of riddles in history. In fact Indian and even world history needs to be re-written. Who knows that Genghis Khan had an Indian contingent in his army; Khubilai Khan had to employ for compiling large amount of data of his huge empire, Indian mathematicians; Indian influence had been dominant in Asian countries up to Vietnam (old Champa) and Middle East, Arabs learnt mathematics from India that is why they termed numerals as Hindse or from India.

Balraj Sagar (

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