Dear Sagar Media Inc, We are going to lose truck-loads of trees 

Dear Sagar Media Inc,

We are going to lose truck-loads of trees if we don’t act now!

Over 3500 trees are going to be cut down in Mumbai to build a parking shed for metro trains. These trees are in Aarey Forest, one of Mumbai’s last few green spaces.

These trees help you and me breathe. I need your help to save them.

Sign my petition and tell the government to relocate the parking shed to a viable eco-friendly location.

Aarey is actually protected by forest laws, yet they are being cut down for a building that could easily be constructed elsewhere.

New Yorkers would never allow Central Park to be cut down to build a parking lot!

Sagar Media Inc, we too need to come together as a city and protect our precious few green spaces.

The Maharashtra CM’s team now monitors petitions started on Help me reach at least 30,000 signatures so that he sees massive public pressure and responds to this petition.

It is not just about this project. If these trees are cut due to a lack of citizen opposition, the government will see it as permission to keep cutting trees – until nothing is left.

I look forward to your support and a green, healthy Mumbai!

Nirali Kartik

Petitioning Devendra Fadnavis, Narendra Modi, national green tribunal, Supreme Court of India, Justice Dipak Misra
CM Devendra Fadnavis, Stop the cutting of 3500 trees in Aarey Forest
Sign my petition
Sign the petition

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