North Korea warns of hydrogen bomb

US and its allies could indeed witness a hydrogen bomb test over the Pacific, unless they stop devising military options against Pyongyang, a senior North Korean diplomat has warned. This, as the US Navy beefs up its presence ahead of Donald Trump’s visit in the region.
Speaking on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly last month, North Korean FM Ri Yong-ho said that if backed into a corner, Pyongyang could conduct“the most powerful detonation” of a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean. On Wednesday, Ri Yong Pil, a senior diplomat in North Korea’s Foreign Ministry, told CNN that the minister’s warning should be taken “literally” as tensions with Washington continue to rise.

The foreign minister is very well aware of the intentions of our supreme leader, so I think you should take his words literally,” Ri told the US news outlet, warning that Pyongyang “has always brought its words into action.”

The US is talking about a military option and even practicing military moves. They’re pressuring us on all fronts with sanctions. If you think this will lead to diplomacy, you’re deeply mistaken,” Ri said.

The warning from the North Korean Foreign Ministry official, who is also the vice president of the Foreign Ministry’s Institute for American Studies, comes amid increasingly belligerent rhetoric from the White House.

US President Donald Trump has stressed that he will be working to solve the problems of North Korea’s missile and nuclear threats.

Trump spoke in an interview with FOX TV on Wednesday, ahead of his visit to Japan, South Korea and China from November 5th.

He said he hopes his Asian tour will be historic and positive. He said they have to solve the North Korea issue, which he said is a very big problem. Trump said he will get it solved.

Asked about Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump said he thinks Xi is a powerful man and a very good person. Trump said there will always be differences between the US and China, but he has a very good relationship with Xi.

Speaking about the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact, Trump said he feels honored to have terminated the deal before it got signed. He said the US will do bilateral deals with all the countries in the pact.

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