PM : Need to draft new consumer act

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said the Government is in process of drafting new consumer Act.

Addressing an international conference on consumer protection in New Delhi, Mr Modi said, a central consumer regulatory authority will also be set up.

The Prime Minister said, due to GST, the various indirect and hidden taxes have ceased to exist. The biggest beneficiaries of GST will be the consumers and middle class. He said, a new business culture has been started after the GST and consumer will be most benefited.

Mr Modi said, there is a need to move ahead from only consumer protection towards best consumer practices and consumer prosperity. He said the focus of his government is on consumer empowerment and ensuring consumer faces no difficulties.

The Prime Minister said, effective grievance redressal systems are vital for a democracy and the government is integrating technology and ensuring stronger grievance redressal mechanisms.

Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan, Minister of State for Food C R Choudhry, and Secretary General UNCTAD Dr Mukhisa Kituyi were present in the conference.

Mr Paswan said, the upcoming Consumer Protection Bill will be a revolutionary Bill. The Minister equated ISI trademark with international standard.
Dr Mukhisa Kituyi said, defining consumer interest in a changing world is a challenging task. He said, protecting interest of online consumers is very important in the era of digital revolution.

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