US publishes ks of Files of JFK

US publishes thousands of files on Kennedy, withholds others

US President Donald Trump has decided to keep some files on the assassination of John F. Kennedy secret, following appeals from the FBI and the CIA. The remaining trove of nearly 2,900 records has been published.

John F. Kennedy portrait (REUTERS)

The US National Archives released the secret documents on Thursday, just hours before the legal deadline for their publication was set to expire. The long-awaited release is expected to shine additional light onto the fatal Dallas shooting in 1963, which investigators attributed to Lee Harvey Oswald. The former Marine was himself shot and killed before the trial.

Even today, however, many Americans believe that part of the story is being kept away from the public eye. Some conspiracy theories link the Kennedy assassination with the US intelligence apparatus, the military, or the Italian mafia.

Among the documents released on Thursday, there was a transcript of a November 24, 1963, conversation with J. Edgar Hoover, who was FBI director at the time.

Kennedy's motorcade in Dallas (Reuters/Walt Cisco/Dallas Morning News)John F. Kennedy and his wife moments before Kennedy was shot

The FBI informed police of a threat against the life of Oswald the night before he was killed. However, the police did not act on the tip, Hoover said.

US President Donald Trump approved the release of a 2,891-document trove, but decided that hundreds of additional documents will remain secret. According to White House officials cited by news agencies, Trump made this decision after the FBI and the CIA urged him to do so. DW .com

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