Robust global economy helps Japanese corporates

The strong performance owes generally to a solid global economy, three factors played particularly significant roles. One is worldwide demand for chips as the expanding “internet of things” pushes demand for memory at data centers and elsewhere.

Shin-Etsu Chemical’s net profit for the half climbed 27% to an all-time high of 110.7 billion yen. The supply-demand balance for silicon wafers used in chip production “has been extremely tight since January, and it got even tighter after summer,” Senior Managing Director Masahiko Todoroki said.

Sony reported Tuesday a net profit of 211.7 billion yen ($1.86 billion) for the half through September, eight times the figure from the same period last year and its first record high for the half in a decade. “The demand for semiconductors and television sets surpassed our expectations,” said Executive Deputy President Kenichiro Yoshida. Brisk sales of image sensors contributed as well.

Japan Airlines enjoyed a 9% year-on-year net profit increase to 77.9 billion yen, with the favorable global economy spurring travel and transport.

As Infrastructure and capital spending  started to pick up  this led to help Mitsubishi Electric post a record net profit of 131.1 billion yen, a 48% increase.

Inputs :asia.nikkei

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