Three killed in shooting at Colorado Walmart store

 A lone shopping cart sits in the parking lot as police investigate the scene of a shooting at a Wal Mart store in the Thorton Town Center shopping plaza. Photo: AFP

Three were shot dead at a Walmart store in Colorado on Wednesday evening, police said, in the latest case of US gun violence.

Thornton is city of about 120,000 people roughly 10 miles (16 km) northeast of Denver.

Avila said that police were called to the store and that the gunshots had ceased by the time the first officers arrived at the scene.

An hour after the incident, the situation, the nature of the incident or status of the threat remained unclear, he said.

US Local news reported that a woman whose son was in Walmart had told her that he had heard about 30 gunshots and was still inside.

There were two “confirmed deceased adult males”. One woman was taken to the hospital where she succumbed to the wounds.

Police in Thornton, Colorado, did not release any information on the assailant, it was not clear if an assailant had been taken into custody, taken his own life or been slain by officers.

“We’ve got multiple parties down, we’re still trying to ascertain what their conditions are,” Officer Victor Avila of the Thornton Police Department told Reuters.

About an hour after the initial alert the Thornton Police Department said on Twitter that the gunfire had ended at the store, which was surrounded by police and fire crews.

“At this time this is NOT an active shooter. Active crime scene. We will update as info becomes available,” the police department said in a tweet.

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