Delhi need Tech Mentor

Delhi need Tech Mentor cum CEO to guide it on Development and Public Services matters, Sunita Narayan or DJB are always going to mislead Chairman of DJB. I had often talked about No Water Supply for one Week when Morarji Desai decided on Surprise Visit with aid our current Honorable President in 40 hours – over 2880 KL water was delivered to 600 flats including 30 IAS, about2280 KL leaked and spilled around flats and drains. AEE who Planned and Procured substandard Pumps took 20% Bribe went on to retire as Chief Engineer and his senior by couple of years, EE who merely collected standard 2% or 5% Commission was dismissed for releasing the payment.

Delhi needs a TECH MENTOR CUM CEO because Government doesn’t have the Capability to SPEAK even on Matters of Public Importance.

GoI is planning to MODIFY IEA2003 to make Tarif to Low Income Consumers – who draw 1200 Units in 24hX365d days in favor Rich consumers who draw 50,000 Units – 90% in 3hx150d + 2dx130d for AC and Geysers/Heating. Elevators always on standby in homes for 99.5% time. THIS IS SCANDALOUS. 100% of Most Expensive Power is drawn to serve Rich consumers only.

Instead of ‘Off-grid Rooftop Solar’ – Delhi intends to IMPORT high cost Solar Power.

Why can’t BRPL/BYPL/NDPL install Smart Meters on these to Bill High Cost LUXORY POWER and regulate use also in case of power shortage? For 20 KW LUXURY connected load FIXED CHARGES are Rs.1050/month – less than monthly Optic Fiber connection.

After Transfer out of MB Road due to Conflict with Most Corrupt & Incompetent AEE – I submitted DETAILED report* on Water Supply installations which was acknowledged by PMO and AWWA but no one IMPLEMENTED it – there is/was no one to implement it all over India even after 40 years. [*though it was titled Brief Report because I didn’t believe then that it was MEGA SCALE TRAGEDY OF INDIA]


Chairman of DJB is mislead because – DJB need Accurate Meters at PUMPING side – Nowhere in the world meters are required to measure water falling in to Water Storages. Water Level indicates Quantity of Water. Even Petrol & Diesel tanks have ‘Calibrated Dipstick’. At point of Delivery to Consumers it most Important that 1. Water is Under minimum of 1 Bar Pressure, 2. Water is free from Minerals & Contaminants and 3. Has Chlorine in it. This is not being done WHICH AT CONSUMERS End cost 10 to 100 Times in Pumping, Storages, RO Purification etc than it cost DJB. Secondly Meters are not accurate under ZERO or NEGATIVE pressure.

In 1962 a building was required to have 250L Overhead tank water was Under Pressure 24hr – these days buildings have 10,000L Underground and 10,000L overhead storage tanks. This COLOSSAL NATIONAL PUBLIC LOSS. Roofs have UGLY water tanks than SOLAR PANNELS to supply Free Power for 25 years.

CSE has totally mislead NGT and Delhi government for 4 decades – Deliberately lied also.

Yesterday BRPL shut down power supply for 6 hours to Y-65 Transformer – but supply was cut to a much larger area and hundreds of Generators, particularly in building that has elevators switched on instantly – it wrong toBAN standby generators when BRPL is in habit of switch Off power to large area not just one transformer even for Line Fault to a home to be attended by TRAINED ELECTRICIAN. It was wrong to Ban Generators for Cricket Match or Hundreds of Silent generators at Exhibition at India Gate.

BRT: – even as I exposed MAJOR BLUNDERS in Delhi BRT a month ahead of its inauguration – Sunita Narain continued to mislead Delhi CM by claiming Buses are running faster than before was a total lie – before BRT signal cycle was 3 minutes which means Green Signal could be 1m average waiting but with 6 minute signal cycle meant average waiting was 4 minutes for buses who reach next signal in less than two minutes. At off peak hours speed without BRT was Fast for all vehicles. Sunita mislead Shiela Dikshit for 5-6 years until she was UPROOTED from Delhi politics.


RWH: – This is MOST LUNATIC OF HER – there were two large Ponds one next to my home in 1962 [Opposite Khel Gaon Auditorium] another even bigger between Auditorium and Shahpur Village. Since roads and drains and constructions – natural flow in to these ponds was completely blocked. FOR DECADES THEY ARE COMPLETELY DRY. One of them is converted in to a park. REVIVING THEM MEANS DISMANTLING ROADS BUILDINGS AND MANMADE DRAINS.

WATER TABLE: Water table in many regions is TOO HIGH and there is nothing wrong in water table going down – it shall IMPROVE LOAD BEARING capacity of soils. Low Water table in cities is Good for All Buildings and Structures. Last year at an Event I told Lt. Governor that Height LIMIT for buildings should be dependent on LOAD BEARING CAPACITY of the Ground than apply 45 ft Limit uniformly for entire Delhi.


SULTANPUR National Park: Highways built around the SNP had reduced inflows to the natural lakeit required Canal water to survive.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770 [4G], 9871056471, 9718280435,

Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,

Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects

By Sunita Narain

Do not read me wrong. Last fortnight I had said we may breathe easier this winter. This does not mean we will breathe clean air. I meant compared to last winter air pollution would be lower because of the actions taken. But because the levels are so high, it does not mean we go easy on our common outrage against pollution, or slow down the actions that are needed. First, there is the issue of public awareness. This is crucial and makes the difference between inaction and action.

Last winter, 53 per cent of the days of November were in the severe plus—public health emergency level; 32 per cent of December and 45 per cent of January. So, really dangerous and really toxic. This winter we can hope for less of such very toxic days. But air quality is still in the very poor or severe category and this will stay unless we do more—and drastically.

So, now what? What should be the plan to bring down these levels. I classify the needed actions into four categories—immediate and urgent; long-term but necessary to start immediately; necessary but difficult to implement and difficult but not impossible to do.

Start with the immediate category. The fact, in spite of all the noise about air pollution, we are doing everything to make it worse. Today, dirtiest fuels are exempt from tax; while clean fuels are not. Under the Goods and Services Tax (GST), industries that use furnace oil type fuel—dirty and toxic—are given a full refund. But as natural gas is left out of GST, it means that if industrialists even want to do their bit for clean air, they cannot. Natural gas is taxed heavily and no refund is possible. So, where is the choice to go clean?

Then, we are importing the world’s dirtiest fuel, pet coke, from the US—which has banned its use because of domestic pollution concerns—as if we have no problems of our own. China has stopped importing this fuel. But we allow it under Open General License. Three years ago, we imported some 6 million tonnes of this refinery by-product and last year, till March end, we had upped this to 14 million tonnes. This, combined with our domestic production of some 12-14 million tonnes, means that we are easily beating even China’s heavy use of this fuel in their pollution heydays.

No step has been taken to stop the use of this fuel or to set emission standards for it that will control pollution. Instead, this fuel is cheaper as it is under GST. So, why are we surprised that pollution continues to kill us and not even softly.

Then there is the long-term, but immediate agenda. It is a fact that automobiles are the biggest contributor to pollution and most importantly, diesel emissions are carcinogens. Currently, the effort is to reduce pollution by first improving emission standards and fuel quality and then tightening procedures for checking tailpipes of vehicles on road. But none of this is enough. The fact is that even as we reduce emissions from each vehicle, we add many more on the road—negating all impacts. This, given the fact that so much of India still has to buy and use vehicles, means that pollution will be inevitable.

The only way ahead is to ramp up public transport at a massive scale. But frankly, this is where nothing is happening. Delhi has not added a single new bus in the past few years; there is no movement on intercity public transport in the National Capital Region (NCR); there is just no effort to build roads for pedestrians or cyclists. No last mile connectivity. None. Zilch. This is where we are failing completely.

I put dust from roads, construction and burning of garbage in the necessary but difficult to implement category. The fact is mechanical sweepers will not be the answer when every second road is either dug up or just does not exist. City governments have to get their act together, not in winter months but before, and all the time, to fix this. The same with garbage burning. We can try and put out some big fires because of extra vigilance, but it is a fact that we have no system for management of garbage in our cities that will not involve a fire. If a city has a waste dump—like Delhi—then it will be on fire because combustion will happen in these places. If a city does not have a waste dump—like most of NCR—then the easiest solution is to collect garbage, dump it and burn it. Our garbage needs a full solution that segregates and processes waste. No half measures will work.

Finally, there is the problem of crop burning from neighbouring states of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. This problem is solvable, but it is crying for a solution that will give farmers an alternative use for their crop residue. This is where we need to find a big answer and then get it implemented. Again, no amount of beating our chest will work. We need solutions. We need action.

Air pollution will not go away, till we can make these answers work. There are no quick fixes here. Just tough solutions for a tough problem.

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