Narmada Canal Should Have Been Built in 1980 – Rs.1,000 Cr

November09, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh

Tragedy of INC is that it couldn’t defend its leaders in past and present on any issue.

NWDT was BJP to BJP Agreement in 1979

NWDT award in 1979 was given when there was Janta Party government led by Morarji Desai was at center and BJP leadersKailash Chand Joshi, VK Saklecha and Sunderlal Patwa were Chief Ministers in MP, Babubhai J Patel of BJP was Chief Minister of Gujarat.

This is 40 years since above were in power and authority.

Had I been made CEO of the project by BJP Chief Minister I would have built two Canals of 5000 Cusec Capacity – Lower level first and Higher level at just Rs.1,000 Cr. 1987 estimated cost of 40,000 Canal Network was Rs.4,406 Cr.

Presently Lower Level canal has 40,000 Cusec capacity and Upper Level Sujalam Sufalam about 2,000 Cusec capacity. Rs.6,237 Scheme was launched in 2004-05 but poor condition/use within 10-12 years.

Sujalam Suphalam Spreading Canal

The works of 332 K.M. long Sujalam Suphalam Spreading Canal, traversing through seven districts from Mahi to Banas river which includes diversion of surplus flood water of Kadana Reservoir and Narmada to the water deficit areas, crosses 21 rivers, 2 National Highways, 7 Railway lines and other 564 structures for small drains / nallas are completed except some additional crossing / inlet structures. The work has started yielding results, as the farmers have irrigated their lands through lift and ground water recharge.

Saurashtra Narmada Avtaran Irrigation Yojana (Sauni Yojana):

Saurashtra-Narmada Avataran Irrigation Yojana (Sauni Yojana) has been launched to divert one MAF excess over flowing flood water of Narmada allocated to Saurashtra Region. The excess over flowing flood water of Narmada will be distributed to 115 reservoirs of eleven districts of Saurashtra through total 1126 km long four link pipelines benefitting 10,22,589 acre land.

Kalpsar Project 1998

Kalpsar Project was conceived when Vajpayee was PM and BJP came to power Gujarat and in 20 years there is no progress.

The Government at Center & State failed to develop Different Narmada Water Projects in 40 years.


Projects in Major Projects in MP were ready in 2005.

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Narendrabhai did meet Singh over Narmada: CM

A day after former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that Narendra Modi had gone to newspapers but never came to him about the Narmada project, Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani on Wednesday presented documentary proof in letters written by Modi, and the minutes of his meeting with Singh seeking permission to expedite work on the Narmada project. Rupani accused Singh of lying to the people of Gujarat and insisted that the Congress owes an explanation regarding why the party had not given final nod for Narmada project for 10 years.

“Narendrabhai wrote official letters to then PM Manmohan Singh on January 17, May 17, and June 21 in year 2011 and August 3 and September 7 in 2013. His letters were seeking clearance that was required for completion of the Narmada dam project. But he never responded,” Rupani said.

Rupani further claimed that Modi had also met Singh on February 6, 2013, at Ahmedabad for 45 minutes in which he discussed all Gujarat related issues with the Union government, including clearance for Narmada dam work.

“It is very unfortunate that Manmohan Singh has stated that Narendrabhai never met him over the issue. He and Rahul Gandhi must apologize for giving wrong facts to the people of Gujarat and explain why they halted the project for so long,” Rapani said.

Singh, who had come to Ahmedabad on Monday, said at a press conference that Modi talks different things in newspapers over the Narmada issue. “But the truth is that he never came to me for anything. Modi has alleged that I had halted the project in the World Bank but he must know I was the finance minister in 1992 and not in the World Bank,” Singh had told journalists.

Sujalam Sufalam Yojana – Speech at 51st NDC June27, 2005

State Government has launched Sujalam Sufalam Yojana in the ten worst affected districts of Gujarat to solve water problem caused due to excessive ground water extraction in the region. Most of the area of the 10 districts is now ranked over exploited and included in the dark category. New tube wells are already banned in these areas since December 2003. Hence, for agriculture and dairy development; the Government has decided to divert the surplus river water of South Gujarat and Central Gujarat rivers to these districts. The planning, design, estimates and principle approval of this scheme amounting to Rs 6237 crore has been completed. NABARD has also appreciated scheme and already sanctioned Rs 667.76 crores in the year 2004-05 while the proposal of 899.78 crore is pending with NABARD. The Planning Commission in its meeting recently held at New Delhi also appreciated Sujalam Sufalam Yojana. State Government is according highest priority to complete this project at the earliest. In the year 2004-05, Rs 800 crore tor Sujalam Sufalam Yojana has been allotted. Similarly in the year 2005-06, Rs 733.04 crore has been earmarked. All the major works like Sujalam Sufalam Spreading channel lift irrigation schemes for filling up dam & ponds, more than 300 big check dams on rivers of North Gujarat, Surendranagar, Panchmahal, Dahod and work of Kadana High Level Canal and Panam High Level Canal are in progress. Major critical activities will be completed by Dec. 2005. A total of Rs.1217 crores has already been spent on this scheme by the end of May, 2005. On completion of this yojana the state will save 2794 MW of power & save Rs.1091 crores of agriculture subsidy and achieve additional agriculture production of Rs.2300 crores per annum.

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