Reliance Jio misleads Mobile of 2G in for the 4G market

15102009061792060615071.jpgReliance Jio practice to offer 2G phones to be used with 4G browsing and features misleading immediately need  stop selling in the market by telecom ministry as this leads to mal practice of spurious quality products in disguise of 4G features, cannot be accommodated in simple feature mobile in range of thousands rupees as illustrated with photo.

Reliance Jio earlier scheme is doing well as per their plan. The  current plan need their product and service careful study by the company and experts that company claims are not against market norms.  Rel Jio,the mobile are being marketed not in retail selling but in cash transaction in hush hush, need through probe so that the reputation of the company in making fast buck may hamper its earlier scheme double loss to customers.

In telecom services of 4G, mobile browsing 2G to 4G can  be used if any new such innovation has brandished the same need right terms of expression, explanation.

The Telecom ministry in such instance need to take prompt action to save customers from this manipulative nature of marketing.

Any branded products is launched it needs to voice it’s crystal clear plan with quality of mobile and range of features the mobile is composed of but in this case hush hush by spread of words not to sell in retail with specific cash transaction appears unhealthy. The company free for all  carrying it’s unfair, irrational and unethical trends specially for  brands of Reliance to enter market in sneak before it speak is trade deficit towards its customers.

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