US President Donald Trump holds talks with Xi Jinping over North Korea


US President Donald Trump today held talks with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on wide-ranging issues, including North Korea’s nuclear programme and trade ties.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Thursday the Sino-U.S. relations are “at a new historic starting point.”

“China is willing to work together with the United States to respect each other, seek mutual benefit and reciprocity, focus on cooperation, and manage and control differences,” Xi said during talks with visiting U.S. President Donald Trump.

Since Wednesday afternoon, the two presidents have had in-depth exchanges of views on bilateral ties and issues of common concern, and reached broad consensus, he said.

“We believe Sino-U.S. relations concern not only the well-being of both peoples, but also world peace, prosperity and stability,” Xi said.

The presidents agreed that cooperation is the “only correct choice” for China and the United States, and a better future would only be achieved through win-win cooperation, according to Xi.

They agreed to maintain the leading role of head-of-state diplomacy in developing bilateral relations, Xi noted.The two leaders met in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People for talks following the US president’s royal welcome in the capital.

Trump said he and his counterpart believed that the North Korean crisis can be solved.  US President Donald Trump told Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday that he believes, like Xi, that a solution can be found to the North Korean nuclear issue, a day after warning Pyongyang of the grave danger of developing nuclear weapons.

Speaking alongside Xi in the Chinese capital, Trump also said it was disappointing that his predecessors had let the bilateral trade balance get out of kilter.

“But we will make it fair and it will be tremendous for both of us,” Trump said, expressing respect for Xi.

Trump is pressing China to tighten the screws further on North Korea and its development of nuclear weapons. At least modest progress is hoped for, although there are no immediate signs of a major breakthrough, a US official said earlier on Thursday.

Referring to Xi, Trump said: “I do believe there’s a solution to that, as do you.”

In a show of the importance China puts on Trump’s first official visit, Thursday’s welcoming ceremony outside Beijing’s Great Hall of the People overlooking Tiananmen Square was broadcast live on state television unprecedented treatment for a visiting leader.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Thursday he and his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump have reiterated firm commitment to achieving denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and solving the nuclear issue through dialogue and negotiation.

Xi made the remarks when meeting with the press alongside Trump after their talks at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

“On the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, we have reiterated firm commitment to achieving denuclearization on the peninsula and maintaining the international nuclear non-proliferation regime,” Xi said.

“The two sides will continue to fully and strictly implement UN Security Council resolutions and stay committed to solving the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue through dialogue and negotiation,” he told reporters.

The two sides are also willing to work with various parties concerned to explore ways of realizing lasting peace and order in Northeast Asia and will continue to maintain communication and cooperation on the issue, the president said.

During their talks earlier Thursday, the two presidents stressed that the two countries have common goals in eventually solving the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue through dialogue and negotiation, and reiterated the commitment to promoting peace, stability and prosperity in the Asia Pacific region.

Trump said during the talks that the United States hopes to work with China to push for denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula.

The U.S. side highly values China’s important role in the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, Trump said.

China has maintained that it is doing all it can and insists it is fully enforcing UN sanctions.The two leaders also discussed China’s huge trade surplus with the US. Trump is scheduled to meet Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and attend a reception followed by a state dinner and cultural performances.

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