With change in GST tax rates of about 200 products by the GST Council on 10th November,2017, a great need has arise to revise the prices of all packaged commodities in the Country by pasting revised price stickers on the current stocks and as such, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) today sent a communication to Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan, Union Consumer Affairs Minister to allow pasting of revised price stickers on the current stocks held with the Traders and Manufacturers across the Country for the packaged goods.

In its communication to Mr. Paswan, the CAIT has said that ​​u​under Packaged Commodity Act, it is mandatory provision that any commodity in packaged shape will invariably have printed MRP​. ​It is estimated that goods worth about​ Rs.​ 9 lakh crore are still in the market across Country and out of which goods of about Rs. 6 lakh crore is in packaged condition having MRP beside stocks held with the Manufacturers. If​ it is not allowed​ than this huge quantum of goods can’t be sold in the market from and if such goods goes out of supply chain , it will have adverse impact on manufacturing sector and will hamper economic growth to a great extent and possibilities of scarcity of daily consumables can’t be ruled out.

The CAIT has further said that the Ministry may allow pasting of revised price stickers on such stocks to avoid any penal action against either any merchant or manufacturer since pasting of stickers is inevitable due to change in GST rates of the respective commodity.

On the other hand, the CAIT has strongly said that GST portal has brought much harassment and mental agony to traders by its non smooth functioning and has proved a major roadblock in success of a good taxation system like GST. The CAIT has further said that it has failed to understand why no action is being taken against Infosys and other Companies who have taken the contract of GST portal at a huge cost of about Rs.1400 crore. As it was under obligation to keep the portal in perfect functioning condition and it has miserably failed, why penal clause under the contact is not invoked so far.

CAIT further said that against its demand of CBI enquiry, the Infosys has come out with lame excuses having a stereo type reply that portal is functioning well. ” We challenge Infosys to conduct random sample survey of the portal in 10 different cities of the Country to examine working of the portal and truth will come out as to how difficult it is to use the portal for filing information ” said both Mr. Bhartia & Mr. Khandelwal. The CAIT has reiterated its demand to institute an inquiry against Infosys.

The CAIT further said that if no immediate action is taken against Infosys, it will have no other alternative left but to take shelter of the Court of Law to intervene in the matter and while identifying the culprits award them suitable punishment for non performance and wastage of public money​. No one will be allowed to run away with public money.

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For more details, please contact CAIT Secretary General Mr. Praveen Khandelwal at +91-9891015165


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