Current Political Impasse in Assam:

Delhi Action Committee for Assam
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Current Political Impasse in Assam: Updating the NRC and the Question of Citizenship

2:30 PM | 13 November 2017 | Deputy Speaker Hall, Constitution Club of India

As the most viable solution to the Assam Movement, preparation of the updated National Register of Citizens of India (NRC) has been finally proved to be the only practical move. Certain complexities have arisen in the last moment of updating the NRC which has otherwise social, political and legal unanimity as the only solution to the Assam Movement. Especially, the ongoing debate regarding certain documents initially approved by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India as invalid now has engendered a sense of fear among the people of Assam. We believe that a solution should be found on the basis of justice and rationality in order to maintain peace and harmony among the people of the state.

Therefore, we are organizing a public meeting on the Current Political Impasse in Assam: Updating the NRC and the Question of Citizenship and aim at having a constructive discussion on the same on 13 November 2017 in theDeputy Speaker Hall of the Constitution Club of India from 2:30 PMonwards. Prominent public intellectuals, Dr. Hiren Gohain and Prof. Apurba Baruah from Assam, eminent public intellectual Yogendra Yadav, senior Supreme Court advocate, Colin Gonzalves and eminent public intellectual,Kuldeep Nayyar (TBC), will initiate the discussion. We would like to invite you/representatives of your organization to the public meeting so that we may arrive at a firm decision irrespective of differences of opinion.

We sincerely anticipate your presence in the meeting.

Rupam Kalita, Biswajit Bora, Samudra Gogoi

(for Delhi Action Committee for Assam)

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