Protest Against Mob Lynching in Rajasthan

15 Nov. 2017 (3 pm) Protest Against Mob Lynching in Rajasthan at Bikaner House, New Delhi




Dear Sir/Madam,


It is to inform you that a number of civil society organizations are organizing a citizens protest tomorrow, 15 November 2017 at Bikaner House (Pandara Road, India Gate) in New Delhi, from 3 pm.


The citizens protest is against the targeted lynching of Ummar Khan, 35, a Muslim dairy farmer in Ghatmika, and two of his acquaintances, Tahir Khan and Javed Khan. They were taking the cows in a pick-up truck to the village after purchasing them in Alwar. They were allegedly waylaid at Fahari, where they were assaulted and shot at, leading to Ummar Khan’s death.


The cow vigilantes threw Ummar Khan’s body on the railway track to cover up the murder and show it as an accident. Later on, Police retrieved the body, dismembered by a moving train.


Through the peaceful protest, citizens and civil society groups are opposing the rule of mob in Rajasthan and demanding justice.


Following organizations and campaigns are organizing the protest:

AIDWA, AIPWA, AISA, Aman Biradari, ANHAD, BASO, CITU – Delhi, Delhi Solidarity Group, Dwaraka Collective, Jamia Students Forum, Muslim Women Forum, NAPM, NFIW, Pehchan, Progressive Writers Association, RDMA, SEHR,SFI, United Against Hate


I request you to kindly depute a journalist and photographer to cover the protest.


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