Abdullah & U.S. Vice President Mike Pence hold talks

Abdullah and Pence  meet to lend fresh air to the political environment in Afghanistan. Further both leaders emphasized on expansion of bilateral ties between the two countries.

The Chief Executive office’s statement said, “Both parts focused on President Donald Trump’s South Asia strategy and its beneficial impact on the security situation in Afghanistan.”  Mike Pence commended the Afghan security forces for their bravery and sacrifices in fighting the insurgency and international terrorists, such as ISIS and al-Qaida. “ U.S. Vice President stressed the need for Kabul’s continued engagement and progress on necessary reforms, political inclusion, and preparations for forthcoming elections, all of which are critical to providing greater stability and opportunities for Afghanistan,” the statement added.

Afghan Chief Executive praised U.S. new strategy and assistances to Afghanistan.“The Afghan government and people support the U.S. new strategy toward Afghanistan and consider it a new opportunity for the country and the region,” CE said.

CE Abdullah also pointed at the terrorist hideouts and their supporters and stressed that the problem of terrorist safe havens is still a serious challenge and Afghanistan hopes that Pakistan cooperates in eradicating them.

Joint statement further added that the two sides also discussed about holding a transparent election in Afghanistan, economic situation, reforms, fight against corruption, elimination of terrorist safe havens and Afghan peace talks.

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