Kejriwal Honest But TECH-PARALYZED – Uberize All Transport

November18, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh

Arivind Kejriwal is Punching Bag of Indian politics, A-Z is quick to hit at him on any issue, could have been SMARTEST CHIEF MINISTER OF ALL. Not just Arvind Kejriwal – Entire Government systems are TECH-PARALYZED. For example – Street Light these days are Switched OFF more than two hours before Sunrise due to UNSMART DIGITIZATION.


Shiela Dixit in 15 years, or Kejriwal in 4 years or Morarji Desai for two years, Monmohan Singh for 10 years didn’t call me to Pin Point Scandalous Functioning of GoI institutions. TSR Subramanian for example is eye witness in matters related to ‘Technical Losses in Power Distribution’ when I offered to MINIMIZE losses in a meeting with UP Chief Minister in 1991 or 1992 at Le Meridien Hotel.


Moraji Desai visited MB Road in 1978 than calling me to have first hand account of Corruption in Water Supply Installations, earlier in 1977 Bogus Research and Corruption in NRDC, DST. 90% of Times it Cost Nothing to IMPROVE SYSTEMS & MAKE THEM WORK.

In 1980 Chief Engineer (C) was to visit IARI Colony. SE(E) related to First President of India,EE(E) belonged to Royal family of Orissa and AE(E) all absented because Mr. GOYAL was very abusive – as entered the colony there was Crowd at the Office – I went straight to the Pump House to find out the situation. Problem was one Submersible Pump was not working, Horticulture Department was Planting Grass and HIGH WATER DISTRIBUTION Losses. GOYAL turned to me – before he could speak much I told him ‘Sir These Ladies Understand that Water is Overflowing in Blocks Near the Pump House and No Water is reaching rest of the Blocks – in spite of one Bore-well not working – other is Pumping Enough water but Your Staff can’t Fix Leaking Float Valves – a Washer cost 5Paisa only.’


Delhi is Sick of so many Troubles in Everything – Pollution is not just a health issue that shorten life of citizens by many years, but Economic Tragedy as well.

1.] 1.5m to 2m people visit or go to neighboring states for Work, some spend 4 hours in a day – This itself is a HUGE ECONOMIC LOSS. Why can’t Delhi build OFFICE SPACE in Delhi itself?Delhi should have Shut Down all Polluting Units, Replace them with Office Space.


2.]  Almost 50% of No-Edible or Rotting Food is allowed to Enter Delhi, via Azadpur, Street Venders, Sold in Homes, Taken to Local Waste Dumps and finally end up at Landfills. Why can’t Food is Processed in Factories, Raw Foods Cleaning & Sorted and Well Packaged? Factories burn least Fuel, Home Cooking most – often use Coal Based power.


3.]  Even 3 Year old children have no access to Schools next to their homes.


4.]  Why can’t Delhi have 5 KW Rooftop Solar on 1m million homes, produce 25% Clean Energy for use?


5.]  UBERIZATION can be applied to all TRANSPORTS including REGISTERED BUSES. School Children board Buses which are DIRECT, FAST & CHEAP.


6.]  UBERIZED Buses of All Sizes, Taxis, Shared Taxis, Autos, Electric Vehicles could cut down Fuel Use by 50% to 70% – would be Cheaper than Cars or Two Wheelers.

7.]  Storage Dams on Yamuna – Kishau, Renuka, Lakhwar-Vyasi, Dams to come up fast – couldDOUBLE or TRIPLE NET WATER USE by Delhi. Delhi shall Get CLEAN SOFT 24X7 Water supply – No need of Home Purifiers and Storages. Weekly Road washing would Clean Up Dust – once or twice a year Integrated DISINFECTANT application could destroy Harmful Germs andDestroy Mosquito Breeding grounds.

8.]  Delhi is impacted by LUNATICS of Gadkari or Prabhu – Instead of reducing Congestion on Delhi Main Railway Stations – Railways propose to Invest $Billions on Adding New Platforms – Malls program, CONGESTION AT MAIN STATIONS CAN BE REDUCED BY 50% AT PEAK to 90% Off Peak time WHEN DELHI HAS 10 NEW ARRIVAL TERMINALS BUILD AT LOW COST with minimum Facilities at Well Connected locations – Trains to stop for 1-3m.


9.]  Delhi can help Punjab & NCR Region when Delhi insists on Hygiene & Primary Processing Requirements – prefer Processed Foods to enter Delhi Borders. Foods shall enter Delhi in Best in Nutrition & Hygiene.

10]  Delhi to install SPRINKLERS on High Rise Buildings for Artificial Rains when pollution level is high and on 40 feet plus Homes.

11.]  100 WHOLESALE 10 STORY MARKETS – one 24X7 Grocery Shop in every RWA or within 100m of access.


12]  E- Courts and Public Services, FAST CONSUMER COURTS, Energy Efficiency etc are so many other options to make Delhi SMART & CLEAN, HEALTHY TO LIVE & DO BUSINESS.

‘It is amusing to see 280 km Ring Expressway, 14 Lane Expressways, DND & Gurgaon Expressway, Dwarka Expressway, MG Expressway, Several Metros Connecting Towns In Haryana UP – VERY LITTLE PROGRESS IN UPGRADING DELHI INFRASTRUCTURE – Even RING-Railway is big assets far more important than all the Metro – could provide Fast Connection to Aligarh, Panipat, Rohtak, Mathura, Alwar, Meerut etc.’

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770, 9871056471, 9650421857

Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,

Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects

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