Love Jihad a threat for the Hindus and the nation: Dr. Surendra Jain



New Delhi. Nov. 20, 2017. The kind of objection that the secular brigade has displayed on the distribution of Love-Jehad related literature at the spiritual fair in Jaipur by Vishwa Hindu Parishad, proves the anti-Hindu mentality of the secular brigade. The Int’l Jt. Gen Secy of VHP Dr Surendra Jain said that today the whole world is contemplating on how to tackle the Love-Jehad conspiracy. The term used by the west for Love-Jehad is Romeo-Jehad. In India, the name Love-Jehad has been given by the Kerala High Court. In a similar kind of case, the secular should be asked for answers to the questions posed by the Allahabad High Court. The Allahabad High Court has asked, “Why is it that only Hindu girls are getting married to Muslim boys. Why is it that Muslim girls are not getting married to Hindu boys?” “Why is it that only Hindu girls are converting to Islam but the Muslim boys are not converting to Hinduism? Why is it that a lot of these girls are simply disappearing after such marriages?”


Dr. Jain said that earlier it was only in Kerala and Karnataka, but now thousands of such examples have come up all over the country. In many instances, the Hindu girls have themselves spoken to the press and narrated the stories of their persecution at the hands of the Muslim. A Mumbai model has very recently spoken about the harassment she faced in the hands of her Muslim husband. On many occasions, the arrested criminals have accepted that they have been carrying out Love-Jehad under a planned conspiracy and get paid for it. Despite all these facts, how can the secular brigade of the country disrespect this VHP movement for reawakening of Hindutva and national security?, he asked.


             In India, a new dimension of Love-Jehad has raised its ugly head. The women who have fallen into the trap are being sent to terrorists. In Kerala, a father had knocked on the doors of justice, now a mother too has done the same requesting the court to intervene to save her daughter. The Hon Supreme Court has asked the NIA to investigate the matter. There is a suspicion in the minds of many in different walks of society that the women who have been waylaid in Kerala will end up in terrorist organizations. Today, Love-Jehad is a big threat to national security.

There is a lot of dis-satisfaction due to Love-Jehad in many places in the country. In Laddakh, this has reached its highest point because of the conspiracy hatched by the Jehadis for a long time. It is because of this Jehad that the Buddhists in Laddakh have beaten up the Muslims there. Even in neighboring Sri Lanka, there is talk of such skirmishes between Buddhists and Muslims. Even in Myanmar, the Rohingya problem basically has Love-Jehad in its roots. The time has now come to expose this conspiracy instead of concealing it behind the veil of secularism. Non-Muslims should now be on their guard, he added.

Through the press statement issued by Shri Vinod Bansal, the national spokesperson VHP today, Dr Jain also said that everyone should learn a lesson from the situation in Kashmir. The Muslims must learn a lesson from the Myanmar episode. This has also started in Laddakh and Sri Lanka. The secular brigade might try and put a veil over wrong deeds of the Jehadis but the affected people will definitely retaliate after a time. If this goes on like this, it will be a threat to the love and co-existence between the communities. The Muslims will have to abandon Jehad and learn to live in peaceful co-existence with the non-Muslims.


Released by


Vinod Bansal

National spokesperson

Vishwa Hindu Parishad

Twitter : @vinod_bansal

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