Ruling ZANU-PF to launch impeachment proceedings against President Robert Mugabe

The ruling party ZANU-PF, is to launch impeachment proceedings against President Robert Mugabe today. In a statement, the party said it has instructed the chief whip to proceed with impeachment processes.

It said a motion to strip Mugabe of the Presidency would be presented to Parliament today, and the process could take just two days. The motion accuses the 93-year-old of charges including allowing his wife to usurp constitutional power. Votes are expected to be held in both the National Assembly and the Senate – the two parliamentary houses on whether to begin impeachment proceedings.

If they pass by a simple majority, a joint committee from both chambers will be appointed to investigate removing the President. Then, if the committee recommends impeachment, the President can then be removed if both houses back it with two-thirds majorities.

Zimbabwe’s former vice-president, Emmerson Mnangagwa whose sacking led to last week’s army takeover, today urged President Robert Mugabe to respect public opinion and step down immediately.

In a statement he said president should heed the clarion call by the people so that the country can move forward and preserve his legacy. Mnangagwa said he fled abroad two weeks ago when he learned of a plot to kill him, and he would not return until he was sure of his security.

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