In context of incorrect and mischievous reporting by some of
the media channels on Tamil Nadu regarding alleged incident
involving fishing boat Jehovah Jireh in Palk Bay, following is
stated ,
1. Coast Guard Station Commander being quoted by some of
the media channels, has himself clearly stated that Coast Guard
ship in question is not under his command and therefore he can’t
confirm or deny anything on the incident. There is absolutely no
mention made by the officer regarding use of any force or bullets
on the fishermen in Jehovah Jireh.
2. The Coast Guard vide their press release dated
Nov 14, 2017 has already stated in absolutely clear terms that –
“there was no use of force or any firing by Indian Coast Guard on
the fishing boat- Jehovah Jireh in Palk Bay”. Mischievous twists
and turns being given by section of media in Tamil Nadu to
discredit the Hon’ble Defence Minister’s statement that no bullets
were fired on the fishermen is therefore highly condemnable. It
will therefore be-hov

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