1. Sagar Media Inc. Rohingya Refugees crisis being discussed in ASEAN by EU leaders.India test Brahamos missile fr MIG Sukohai.5.2 quake hit Taiwan.Israeli PM visit India Jan 2018.Hafiz 2b released.Missing Argentina submarine time flee wth O2 storage.NKorea reprimand US terror list

  2. Sagar Media Inc:Emmerson Mnangagwa Vice President return to Harare from SAfrica to be President,his past ruthless kiiling,Corruption bt reformist deveco.Sri Lanka President visit new Delhi.Ivanka US to visit India Hyderabad. Genocide charges 15Ks serbs Mladic Convict for life.

  3. Sagar Media Inc: Ratko Mladic is prison for life by ICJ tribunal after Commander Bosnian arrested 2011 found guilty of 10 charges of total eleven.China bans Skype. PM Lebanon Saad Hariri suspended his resignation.Uber hack revealed 57 million ID around world.Hacker paid 100,000$

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