FDP for renewed talks

Germany’s pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) on Wednesday said they would not rule out renewed talks on a three-way coalition government. Now both FDP and SPD are bidding for Merkel  hand.

Spiegel reports,German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier now faces the task of facilitating the formation of a government, preferably without having to resort to new elections. The Christian Democrats will have to decide whether Merkel will continue to lead them while the SPD has to reflect on whether they are willing to enter another alliance with the CDU and CSU and, if so, at what price. Would Merkel or Martin Schulz have to give way to make another such alliance happen?

They set a condition for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives and the Greens to offer a “completely new package” of proposals, Reuters said. “If it really was possible to build a modern republic in the coming years, then we are the last ones who would refuse to talk,” FDP Secretary General Nicola Beer told ntv television. She added, however, that she “can’t imagine that this will work.”

Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) faced pressure on Wednesday to consider offering coalition talks to Merkel’s conservatives. SPD leader Martin Schulz, whose party had governed in coalition under Merkel since 2013, earlier said the party would go into opposition.

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