Implement Clinical Establishment Act

Centre has asked the States to implement Clinical Establishment Act to take effective action against hospitals indulging in fraudulent and unethical practices. Citing the recent incident of overcharging from a patient by Fortis hospital in Gurugram, Health Ministry asked the States to issue warnings and take action against hospitals including private ones which indulge in malpractices.

In a letter to State Chief Secretaries, Union Health Secretary Preeti Sudan drew their attention towards the widespread adverse coverage of alleged malpractices including exorbitant charges and deficiency in services by various clinical establishments in the recent past.

She said, such incidents have an extremely deleterious impact on the faith of the general public in the healthcare system and there is a need to ensure that such things do not occur and quality healthcare be provided at a fair and affordable price.

The Health Secretary has suggested calling for a meeting of all important hospitals including private ones, and conveying them that strict action will be taken against any of them found indulging in such malpractices.

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