Parliamentary and Provincial Elections in Nepal

The stage is set for historic parliamentary and provincial elections in Nepal. In the first phase, polling will be held on Sunday for 37 constituencies of House of Representatives and 74 seats of Provincial Assemblies in 32 districts.

Chief Election Commissioner of Nepal Dr Ayodhyee Prasad Yadav told AIR Kathmandu correspondent that all preparations have been completed.He said that Election Commission main focus is on the largest participation of voters and conducting free, fair and peaceful elections.

Dr Ayodhyee Prasad Yadav also said that international observers from various countries including India have been invited to monitor the elections.

Meanwhile campaigning for the first phase came to an end on Thursday. Polling for the second and final round in remaining 45 districts will be held on December 7. This is the first time that elections for state assemblies are taking place in Nepal.

As per the new constitution of Nepal local, province and parliament elections need to be completed by January 21 next year. Local elections have already been completed.

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