Sagoon’s Regulation A+ offering

Hi Nksagar_1,
We’re excited to let you know that our conversation with Ms. Sara Hanks, co-chair of Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and CEO of Crowd Check captured in a video is gaining a lot of eyeballs in the Nepali media. The video with information about Sagoon’s Regulation A+ offering in the words of Ms. Hanks is the subject of the latest posts of Nepali online news portals Image Khabar and My Republica. Read the coverage here:
1.   Image Khabar –
2.   My Republica –
In the video as you may know, Ms. Sara Hanks, an attorney who has more than 30+ years of experience in corporate and securities law has talked about how Sagoon had to go through a stringent process under her watchful guidance to qualify for launching a mini-IPO. She also talks to the audience about how Regulation A+ is useful for early-stage companies like Sagoon and retail investors and how she hopes to continue a long-term relationship with Sagoon.
We feel that good articles like these that educate us about Sagoon’s Regulation A+ offering in the words of a prominent member of the SEC Advisory Committee like Ms. Sara Hanks should be read more by everyone.
Therefore, we request you to share them as much on all your social media channels to help educate your family, friends and colleagues about the next social media revolution – Sagoon.
In case you want to explore the investment and co-ownership opportunity that Sagoon is currently offering, please visit
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Best Regards,
Sagoon Team

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