2018 PCS 3rd Global Cell Science and Stem Cell Conference (CSSC-2018)

3rd Round invitation calling for speakers at PCS 3rd Global Cell Science and Stem Cell Conference (CSSC-2018) scheduled on 14 – 15 July, 2018 in Budapest, Hungary at which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and posters’ display.

This Conference will be co-organized by World Innovative Medical Association (WIMA) and Global Century Science Group to promote scientific approach and research innovation within the field of Cell Sciences and Regenerative Medicine.

We are waiting for your response and confirmation for joining us as one of the speakers and your speech title along with a short CV as well as the session selection is expected for further arrangement.

With the theme of ” Exploring the Secrets of Life between Dream and Reality”, CSSC-2018 will provide a high-end academic information exchange platform encompass Advanced Technologies in Cell Sciences, Stem Cell and Stem Cell Therapy, Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, Emerging Market for Cell Therapy and Stem Cells Application. Furthermore, any new topics are expected to be initiated by participants. You are welcomed to suggest some sessions we have not covered yet in our agenda and session chairs will be available for your application.

We look forward to meet you in Budapest and hope you are taking this opportunity to integrate with all participants and seek co-operation worldwide.

For more information, please see the attached program or visit our official website at http://www.pcscongress.org/cssc2018/

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ms. Mina Zhang

Coordinator of CSSC-2018

E-mail:  mina@pcsconference.com

Pioneer Century Science

No. 134, Changjiang Road, Huanggu District,

Shenyang, China

Tel: +86-24-31930319

Fax: +86-24-86085759

On behalf of

Prof. Chiming Wei, MD, PhD, FACC,
President of CSSC-2018
President and Chairman,
Chinese Alliance of Precision Medicine,

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