Get wedding-ready with Panasonic Beauty and Grooming products


Make a home-kit for your face and hair survival for every occasion


What is the most exciting yet hectic part of attending a marriage, be it close or distant? As wedding season is on a high, not only the colour of the lehnga will make you stressed but also taking out time to visit the salon, to enhance your look, from your super hectic schedule. What if we tell you that at the luxury of the aura of your room, you can get dolled up in those last few minutes when going to the parlour just doesn’t fit in? What if we tell you that you no longer need to carry your beauty kit and give an end touch up? All this is possible with the wide-range of Panasonic grooming and beauty products, to help you celebrate the special events.

From pocket friendly equipment to versatile features, below are some of the products that you can assemble and hence make a self-help home kit for your every occasion and emergency touch ups, eradicating the otherwise never ending need of a beauty salon.


We end up spending thousands to get perfect blow dried hair. With Panasonic’s most recent addition in the hair dryers range, you can create glamorous hairstyles at the ease of your bedroom mirror. The newly launched hair dryers – EH-NE20 and EH-ND30 provides special instant care and speed, making it easier for you to wash your hair one hour before the occasion and reach on time with the help of these utilities.

EH-NE20 has been designed with Ion technology to give a highly smooth texture to every layer of your hair strands, assuring a quick dry with packed airflow that preserves your natural hair gloss. These ions touch the surface of your hair, barely coating them to reduce electricity and enough to leave a smooth and shiny texture in hindsight. Adding oomph to the design, i t is available in both black and pink to add a colourful palette to your essential make up set.

2-in-1 styler: The 2-in-1 hair styler is an easy to use product, serving you a customized hand for different hair-do for all your special events. It acts as a styling brush iron and comes with a siliconized brush, slim roller brush, blow dry brush and nozzle. All the four attachments can be interchanged and used as per the requirement of the occasion. While providing you a chance to be your own stylist, this product makes sure that you can conveniently use it minutes before showing up for those unlimited selfies on the wedding floor.

Nano Ionic Facial Steamer: After a long hectic day, are you worried about the dirt and oil in your face? Available at your comfort, Panasonic facial steamer is a handy product to help you get rid of these dusts. It produces nano-sized steam particles that lead to better cleansing, absorption and moisturising. Compact and stylish design of the steamer is equipped with long-lasting effect. Your 6-minute touch will enhance your beauty giving your skin a flawless and long lasting make-up.

Pocket Series of Beauty Products: In the spontaneous era of getting ready, we have Panasonic’s essential pocket products. Easy-to-carry personal care and beauty products, this product range comprises of beauty tools such as eye brow shaper, facial trimmer, body shaver, eyelash curler and daily nail care kit. This pocket series intent to look great with minimal efforts. This all in one product helps the job done quickly and beautifully. So, next time you want to shape your eye brows immediately or have batting eyelashes, before your cousin wants you on her bachelorette, this is going to be your saviour.

Epilator ES-WS14-P44B: Panasonic’s Epilator ES-WS14-P44B is designed to empower women to be perfectly groomed and ready for the coming occasions. Its wet and dry application allows you to groom yourself in the comfort of your shower and puts your personal health and hygiene in your hands. The 24 tweezers offers speedy epilation which efficiently captures short and thin hair from the roots before you leave for the big occasion. The epilation gives your feather like skin right in the comfort of your own home. Easy to use on a regular basis with a superior grip and compact design, it is equipped with skin protector for a painless and a long-lasting finish.

Mr. Manish Sharma, President and CEO, Panasonic India & South Asia, said, “Since the wedding season is at its peak, we thought to remind customers about how comfortably they can get ready at their home. Our products are designed and launched accordance with our audience who constantly deals with a time and storage crisis and hence, relies heavily on characteristics that are offered by our products.

So this winter, everything comes to you in a pretty, pink platter. All you have got to do is make your pick of the functions you want right before you meet the beautiful bride and the handsome groom, and flaunt your best merchandise gift to yourself, for yourself.

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