Mitsubishi Aluminum admits to data fabrication

Mitsubishi Materials says one of its subsidiaries, Mitsubishi Aluminum, fabricated inspection data for aluminum plates so they appeared to meet quality standards. The plates were manufactured at the metal maker’s factory in Shizuoka Prefecture. Mitsubishi Materials acknowledged last week that 2 other group firms, Mitsubishi Cable Industries and Mitsubishi Shindoh, delivered sub-standard products with alteredContinue reading “Mitsubishi Aluminum admits to data fabrication”

PP Chaudhary: Indian companies, CSR 9822 Cr, surge 11%

Naresh Kumar Sagar‏ @Nksagar 3 National CSR Summit, CSR – The Next Leap : Technology Innovation, Incubation,Acceleration, Scale,Model,in new areas to ease in every day life of masses to give an opportunity for all. Transition global digital is essential in our investment in any field malgovernance poor Adm the tech digits becomes boon.All activities Rupee measurable butContinue reading “PP Chaudhary: Indian companies, CSR 9822 Cr, surge 11%”

PM Abbasi deny safe havens in Pakistan

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has rejected US accusations of Pakistan providing sanctuary to militant groups, stressing that attacks in the region were originating from Afghanistan. In an interview with Bloomberg, the prime minister said Pakistan would act against terrorists including the Haqqani network within its borders. “We have asked them to share any intelligence aboutContinue reading “PM Abbasi deny safe havens in Pakistan”

LA Auto Show in Los Angeles focusEV

Car auto industry globally go ga ga on electric vehicles hor far the Lithum battery shall be successful to give compatible mileage is still million dollar question.LA Auto Show in Los Angeles flurry of show case of electric vehicles .Forty  brands unveiled on Wednesday their new models and concept cars to the media, ahead ofContinue reading “LA Auto Show in Los Angeles focusEV”

Aung San Suu Kyi plans to visit China

Myanmar’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi plans to visit China, starting on Thursday. Myanmar’s government says that during her stay in China, Aung San Suu Kyi will attend a conference of officials from the Chinese Communist Party and its foreign counterparts. The government says the purpose of her visit is to strengthen relationsContinue reading “Aung San Suu Kyi plans to visit China”

Bosnian Croat political after ‘the Butcher of Bosnia’

United Nations war crimes tribunal in The Hague has suspended an appeal case of a Bosnian Croat suspect after he apparently drank poison upon hearing his 20-year sentence was upheld. The suspect, Slobodan Praljak, drank from a small bottle, declaring: “What I am drinking now is poison”. “I’m not a war criminal,” Praljak shouted atContinue reading “Bosnian Croat political after ‘the Butcher of Bosnia’”

S.Korea tests 3 missiles

South Korean military conducted a missile drill in waters close to the maritime border with North Korea immediately after the North launched an ICBM-level missile. The drill, which lasted about 20 minutes, began in the Sea of Japan at 3:23 AM on Wednesday, only minutes after the North Korean missile launch, and involved the country’sContinue reading “S.Korea tests 3 missiles”

Bali’s international airport will re-open today

Bali’s international airport will re-open on Wednesday after a nearly three-day shutdown, Indonesian airport authorities say, as ash from a rumbling volcano that looms over the island paradise shifted direction. The eagerly awaited decision opens up a window of hope for some of more than 1.20 lakh 2tourists stranded after a spike in activity atContinue reading “Bali’s international airport will re-open today”

Francis calls for peace in Myanmar

Pope Francis has called on the people of Myanmar to exercise compassion to overcome ethnic problems in the country, where members of the Rohingya minority have been forced to flee their homes. Francis delivered his message at a public Mass in a stadium in Yangon, the country’s largest city, on Wednesday. He arrived in MyanmarContinue reading “Francis calls for peace in Myanmar”