298 Tehsil winners gearing up for District level matches.

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Wonder Cement Saath7 Cricket Matches Commence  

298 Tehsil winners gearing up for District level matches

Udaipur, December 3:  In a large spectacle covering the length and breadth of the state, the  matches of Wonder Cement Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav 2017 commence with a more than 4,500 matches held on 2ndand 3rd for the tehsil level rounds. 298 Tehsil winner teams are now all set to face each other at the 51 district level matches to be held across the three states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

People from all classes, age and occupations competed enthusiastically in the matches. To encourage more female participation, Saath7 is giving 7 runs as bonus to the teams which have one or more female players in them. Surprisingly, we got more than 60 all women team registrations this season. Teams having one or more female players have taken women participation to more than 1000.

Highlighting the tournament were special teams of handicap people who have proudly been state level players, and a team from “Rajkeeya Muk Badhir Vidhyalaya”, a school of deaf and dumb students which are source of great inspiration and honour. Apart from these, we also have teams consisting of doctors, masons, MBBS students, govt. officers, school students, etc. playing in the matches. Saath7 has encouraged people of all traits and occupations to come forward and enjoy the game.

The winners in each of the tehsil level matches are felicitated with trophy, certificate and Rs.7000/- as cash prize. All teams participating in district matches will get t-shirt, lower and cap.

About Wonder Cements Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav :

Wonder Cement Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav 2017 is world’s largest Consumer Engagement Campaign involving cricket, where 48000 people will participate across the 3 mega states of India viz. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh & Gujarat.

It is a high energy 7 players 7 overs tournament which provides a ground for the people of remote areas of our states to up come on the field, show their talents and make their cricket dreams a reality. Giving it a twist, if a team has a girl member it gets 7 runs as bonus for every match, a feature added for encouraging the aspiring women to come up on the field with dignity and play alongside men. With a total cash prize of Rs 40 lakhs to be awarded to the winning teams across the entire tournament from tehsil level to the finals, the champions of the tournament will be awarded 3.5 lakh cash prize. Legendary cricketer Shree Kapil Dev inaugurated the event on the 1st November at our National Capital Delhi and announced that the best player of the tournament will get Rs 1 Lakh bounty directly from him in recognition.

The Scale and the Spirit of Wonder Cement Saath7 Cricket is directed at encouraging  local talent, promoting women emancipation, bringing unity across all strata of society, and generating local employment. It is eagerly awaited by people to interact, play and enjoy the fun and amusement it brings along.


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