Gujarat review by Commission

2-3 December, 2017
I. During this visit, the Commission met various political
parties to understand their issues and concerns.
Commission noted their suggestions for holding free fair
and peaceful elections in the state
II. Commission reviewed work of DMs, SPs, Police
Commissioners, DIGs/IGs and discussed issues with Chief
secretary, Home secretary, DGP and other senior officers
of the State Government.
III. Commission also discussed strategy with various
Enforcement agencies.
Issues raised and suggestions made by the Political Parties:
1 Law and Order
Some Political Parties demanded that CAPF should be
deployed in all sensitive polling stations.
Parties wanted that name of Observers and phone numbers
should be publicized and meetings of observers with political
parties be organized on regular basis. Similarly, name of the
nodal officers of MCC should also be publicized.
Political Parties requested that necessary direction may be
issued to ensure that all outsiders leave the constituencies 48
hours prior to polling.

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