Honduras election- Recount of ballot boxes

Honduran president, Juan Hernandez, who supported a Washington-backed coup eight years ago, has been leading his country to bloodshed by cracking down on protests against the election fraud he allegedly staged, experts say.

Hernandez, who has been Honduras’ president since 2014, was one of the lawmakers in 2009 to support the ouster of President Manuel Zelaya over his seeking a referendum on re-election. Ironically, now he himself faces accusations of trying to hold on to power. Government struggles to contain large-scale protests, akin to those that rocked the country after Zelaya’s ouster, after the opposition alleged fraud in the election vote count.
The incumbent president was trailing opposition candidate, Salvador Nasralla, by a large margin in a preliminary count of the 26 November elections, when the country’s electoral commission said that Hernandez was closing in on his rival.

Hernandez was leading by 46,000 votes after some 95 percent of ballots counted, mass protest erupted. The count has been delayed since with Nasralla demanding a recount of more ballot boxes than the commission had offered.

Hernandez’ government has imposed a nationwide curfew amid civil unrest following the election.

At least one protester has been killed, and 20 have been injured in the clashes. Tensions spilled over after both main candidates claimed victory in Sunday’s vote.

“Honduran people have taken the streets very courageously, just as they did in 2009, when Manuel Zelaya, the democratically elected President, was overthrown in a coup,” media agencies 

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