Nissan cars down in Nov

 Nissan Motor has reported a large year-on-year drop in its domestic sales of new vehicles in November for the second consecutive month.Nissan’s sluggish sales come after the company revealed that unqualified workers had conducted final vehicle inspections required by the government.

The automaker suspended production and shipments of vehicles for the domestic market in mid-October to address the problem.

The Japan Automobile Dealers Association says that Nissan sold about 34,700 units in November. That’s down 27 percent from a year before.

Total sales of passenger cars, excluding buses and trucks, fell 46 percent.

In October, Nissan reported a year-on-year drop of more than 40 percent in its domestic sales of new vehicles.

Another Japanese automaker, Subaru, also took a hit from a similar inspection irregularity scandal.

Subaru sold a little over 12,000 new vehicles last month in the domestic market. That’s down 12 percent from a year earlier.

The company’s officials say some orders were cancelled after the scandal was revealed.

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