BFI President Mr. K. Govindaraj appointed as a member of the FIBA Competitions Commission.

Bengaluru, 5th December 2017: It is a very prestigious and honorable moment for Indian Basketball as Mr. K. Govindaraj becomes the first BFI President to be appointed as a member of the FIBA Competitions Commission effective as of 1st January 2018. Mr. Govindaraj was appointed to the commission after the FIBA Executive Committee meeting held on 18th November 2017.


“I’m humbled by the honour of being bestowed this position. This is not just an achievement for myself but for all the BFI who have worked tirelessly for the last three years to showcase the true potential of Indian Basketball.”

– K. Govindaraj, President, BFI.


This can be seen as a result of the relentless hard work and leadership shown by Mr. Govindaraj which has led to the exponential growth of basketball in India. In the last one year, India has successfully hosted three International Championships namely FIBA Asia Women’s Cup in July 2017, FIBA U16 Women’s Asian Championship in October 2017 and FIBA 2019 World Cup Asian Qualifiers in November 2017. These International Events have helped to improve the level of basketball in the country.


The FIBA Competitions Commission is mainly responsible for the growth and smooth functioning of different competitions under FIBA. The duties of FIBA’s Competitions Commission are:

– To review and recommend the FIBA Calendar for approval by the Central Board

– To review all official competitions of FIBA

– To develop recommendations for change(s) to the manner and method of conduct of the official competitions

– To develop for the introduction of new official competitions

– To give advice on the allocation of official competitions

– To study the regulations governing all international competitions, as well as the regulations established by other divisions of FIBA for international competitions and to recommend changes to such regulations.

– To ensure that the specific interests and development of women’s and youth basketball are taken into account when making recommendations.

– To make recommendations relating to the transition of players from youth to senior competitions.





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