British spies thwart terrorist plot

British intelligence has allegedly foiled a terrorist plot to assassinate Prime Minister Theresa May, one of nine terrorist schemes thwarted so far by UK spies in 2017, local media report.Two men were arrested last week for plotting terrorist atrocities in the UK, British news outlets reported Tuesday. Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, from north London, and Mohammed Aqib Imran, 21, from Birmingham, were apprehended during security raids and charged with preparing and assisting in acts of terrorism. They are due to appear before the Westminster Magistrates court Wednesday.

British media outlets reported that the suspects planned to assassinate the British PM at her residence at 10 Downing Street. The planned attack was reportedly revealed by Andrew Parker, head of the United Kingdom’s domestic counterintelligence and security agency (MI5), who briefed Cabinet ministers in London.

The suspects allegedly planned to detonate a homemade improvised explosive device at Downing Street before storming the building to assassinate May. The plot was foiled thanks to the joint efforts of Scotland Yard, MI5, and West Midlands Police, which have pursued the suspects “over several weeks,”according to Sky News.

Media agencies

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