US-India Business Controls or Cooperation – Trump Effects

December05, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh

Soon after representing India at WIPO Expo’85 I visited Los Angeles in 1985/86 I noticed Bulgaria had no markets but still goods were cheaper and better in quality than India but availability was controlled, in California goods were even Cheaper & First class quality and Hundreds of Choices and options. At a recent BRICS event I observed – ‘A Pilot Cost Me Rs.10, its material was not even Rs.2 but Students assisting me at Expo’85 were ready to pay Rs.100 in Black Market.’

A Packet of Cigarette selling for $0.8 was priced $5 or so in black market. Soviet bloc couldn’t make Pen, Cigarette or Lipsticks 1985, even after disintegration smaller nations were expected to make WEAPONS is unthinkable.

Today it is not Controls but Cooperation and Collaborations that succeed, Apple, Google, Facebook which are not Controlled are Operating all over the World – While US CONTROLLED Manufacturing is Lagging behind. Wealth of USA is $93t or 33% of World’s $280t – and $80t of it financial wealth – to $0.770t for India [Japan $16t and China $14t] yet lagging behind investments in India when Opportunities are in Every Sectorfrom Food Processing to Nuclear Power Plants and US Banks are not Supporting own US Manufacturing. US Foreign Trade inATP is (-) $71b 9mFy17 in full year 1990 was (+) $35b. Goods Trade Deficit was $735b last year. Japan made mistake of promoting Unviable Bullet Train in India – US Consortium could have supported $100b Amritsar-Kolkata bullet train supporting US Construction & Engineering Companies.

While there was no support for Inventors visiting Patent Office in Washington DC – it was huge structure – Science Reference Library in London offered assistance & Photo Copy facility – Summary of Patented products were available in One Page format – I could quickly study 6000 EU Patents Summary in 16 hours.

After Mitsubishi announced Advanced Nuclear Reactor in 2008that operates at 39% Efficiency – 20% to 30% higher than US Reactors – US should have announced Japanese Nuclear Reactors as next standard acceptable to USA and Partnered in its Worldwide Commercialization – It reduced N. Waste Disposal by 30% in producing electricity.

As Technology Expert and WIPO awarded inventor – representing India at Expo’85 in Plovdiv and soon after winter I landed in Los Angeles 1986 – I experienced Totally Controlled Soviet Bloc Nations, restrictions on choice of Foods & Goods,even a citizen’s Holiday Weekend was Controlled by state, India had Fiat 1100 – USSR Produced Lada, also Fiat technology with 1600 CC Engine and Heating, its sale was government controlled. The choice of Breakfast was mainly Omelet, Bread and Honey all seven days in largest hotel.

Los Angeles was totally different – Super Markets in every block were full of All Kinds of Foods sourced from the all over the world. Choice of Cars, including IMPORTS – homes and EVERYTHING available on INSTALLMENTS.

Delhi to Rome route was B-747 both ways, Tu134 and Tu154 for Rome to Sofia route.

Tu134 or Tu154 were produced in USSR owned company restricted sales to mainly Communist Bloc countries.

B-747 were made by Boeing, a Private GLOBALLY TRADED Company [Funded by World & Serving the World] and Jetliners were sold worldwide, Boeing was Sourcing Subsystems from say hundred Private Companies who themselves sourced parts from many thousand Small Companies. Aerospace Companies had developed their own CONTROLS to hide their secrets.

I too in 1978 would get parts of PROTOTYPES made in 5-6 small workshops and assemble them at home, PROTOTYPES were not same as COMMERCIAL SCALE PRODUCT. In filing Patents my objective was MAXIMUM Protect and Minimum Disclosure. TRACK my Inventions in every Patent Gazette.

I worked for 13 weeks at one such Small Aerospace Companyemploying 18 people, 12 working on shop floor – Every time I was asked to finish a Box of Parts in 50 hours – I used to develop tools and finish it in 5 hours.

I wanted assistance of $1m to make VHS about Manufacturing Issues in US Small & Medium factories operating without Qualified Engineers & R&D department since 1986.

This VHS was to be Filmed in 30 days sold to over Million Small & Medium Industries in US and outside @ 1000 each – could have $b business to me – $50b annual gains to US Economy my minimum estimation and similar for rest of the world.

In 1993 UK Commissioned a similar study by PERA Consultingwhich reported Machine Utilization in USA-UK to 60% to 82% for Japan. It didn’t explain the reasons but I was to ‘Explain the Technical Issues in VHS in 1986 and solved Small Industry problems’.

For 31 Years US-UK Industries in particular keep Bleeding when it required just $1m Assistance or Loan to plug many losses.

I had a Book Written about Project Issues in India edited byIndia’s top Patent Attorney in 1985 – Vantage Press in 1986 was$8,000 to publish it, I was not inclined to pay – so US Companies were deprived of IMPORTANT KNOWLEDGE about projects in India.

Ivanka Trump could be promoting US Companies like never before.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770, 9871056471, 9650421857

By Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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