Britain & EU thrash Brexit

Britain and the European Union reached a historic deal today on the terms of the Brexit divorce. European Commission, President Jean-Claude Juncker said sufficient progress had been made by Britain on separation issues including the Irish border, Britain’s divorce bill, and citizens rights.

Jean-Claude Juncker,Theresa May crack an agreement feel wheels on to the Brexit process. Britain and EU effectively place the Irish border issue at ease.

British Prime Minister Theresa may said EU citizens in the UK will be able to go on living as before and there would be no hard border. She said getting to this point had required give and take from both side. May said she expected a formal agreement to be approved at the summit. The agreement paves the way for EU leaders at a summit on 14th and 15th of this month to open the second phase of Brexit negotiations, covering trade talks and a transition period.

The EU had set a deadline of Sunday after the last talks on Monday broke down when May’s Northern Irish allies objected to terms for future arrangements for the Irish border.

Britain voted in June 2016 to become the first state to leave the EU, after more than four decades of membership, but the talks have been slow moving and often acrimonious so far.

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