Campaign for Judicial Accountability and Reforms

Dear Prashant Bhushan,  your clarion call, is here and shall be wide publicity but be visible in social media, Facebook,twitter, LinkedIn, etc

Dear Naresh Kumar Sagar,

Greetings from Swaraj Abhiyan!

You may be aware that a citizens Campaign for Judicial Accountability and Reforms has been campaigning for the last several years, seeking far reaching reforms in the judicial system to make the judiciary accessible, responsive, credible and accountable, so that it becomes an effective and functional system for delivering justice. In particular, we have campaigned for a proper system for investigating complaints against Judges and seeking their accountability for any misconduct.

In a recent petition regarding a Medical College, where the CBI had registered a FIR that there was a large conspiracy and planning to procure a favourable judgement from the Supreme Court by paying bribes to judges, we petitioned the Supreme Court that such a sensitive investigation can be used by the government to compromise the independence of the Supreme Court and therefore it should be handled by a SIT monitored by the Supreme Court and headed by a former Chief Justice of the Court. Unfortunately however, this petition led to a series of unfortunate and ugly developments which culminated in a bench of junior Judges of the court, not only dismissing the petition but also imposing costs of 25 lakhs on the Campaign. The Campaign has decided to fight this unjust judgement and we are seeking a review and other legal remedies. A statement has also been issued by former Judges and others for supporting the Campaign.

In response to the suggestions by a large number of well wishers, the Campaign decided to put out a crowdfunding appeal for taking forward the campaign and if that eventuality arises, to also use the money for paying the costs imposed on the Campaign.

I request you to support the Campaign through the crowdfunding effort. This is the link to make your contribution.

Do sign the online petition started by Justice Shah, Justice Singhvi and others in support of the Campaign –

Join the Campaign by visiting this page and signing up now –

With warm regards,

Prashant Bhushan

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